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Put the power and authority of the office of their attorney general and the department of Justice behind a public relations effort to help Donald Trump protect himself. Finally, you lied to congress. And that was the good stuff Senator Hirono of Hawaii. I thought her own I thought that was Daniel Webster. Yeah. You've wonderful orator. What do you think about this? I mean the way she just have has elite. They call the president racist every single day the Griffin in the White House. You've given up your opinion to live for the president. We I know nothing shocks you. I'm going to remove that word. But that's what that's what she's doing with their time. Well, you know, I really think that it's good for the country. To see the hard left. I do I you know, you could say what you want to say about the hard, right? And there's a lot of things to say about it. But in terms of like standards decorum, the idea that we're there to to actually have a collaborative body to do the work of the nation and all that stuff. It's a this is a propaganda operation for the progressive agenda. That's all it is. And when they can't get their way through a regular democratic process. They get the breast knuckles out. That's what all this is about for renew comes re read the report. So I read most of it, and I was most fastening by the Russian port dumbfounded. I mean, they had posters with a miner's cap on minors for Trump. They knew the working class, the the working class vote was, you know, the coal was being ignored. And they knew what was they knew the new ones is of the system. I mean, the fact that they'd go into Illinois shows, they didn't know everything because it Eleanor decided state, but I saw a SAS enclosure esque legitimate questions closer in the beginning. Right. That's that's really if we moved politics out of it. We got to stop the next. One because they're going to get more and more sophisticated. I wanna see what klobuchar and Langford have that's going to stop the next the cyberattack and they're just talking about paper ballots. Yeah. I, you know, a lot of us were worried about Russia before the Democrats got on board, which they got on because Hilary lost. I mean, that's the only reason they changed stripes on this. But I think it's very important to see what Russia's doing on every front because they are they compete with us in the world and try to undermine us wherever they act. I also think we ought to have some measure about what we happened. What happened here? Because I think it's important for people understand this. The Obama administration knew in real time what the Russians were doing two weeks before the election at the last debate between Trump and Clinton Clinton was outraged that Trump had the temerity to say that the election might not be legitimate. And he wasn't going to accept the outcome before he saw what happened and then Obama went out and barnstorm using that same theme. So knowing everything that's important that we know today about Russia. They were saying how could you question the legitimacy of the election anti McCarthy? They said he told vitamin Putin's September to knock it off. That should have been good enough. All yeah. Yeah. Would have done it for me any McCarthy. Thanks so much. Thanks. We come back. Call rove will be here. But he'll never matched the magnitude star.

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