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And every time I come back and say, this is the worst fire. I've seen yesterday is the worst fire I've seen and Zeki himself. Also, you know said some. A controversial things about the fires. He blamed environmental terrorist groups for increasing fire risks, but he's used to have more of a grasp as to what the factors are here. This is not the time for finger pointing this is the time to make sure that we address putting out the fire. We look at paradise to make sure we look at who's on accountable. Make sure we give aid whereas necessary and begin beginning recovery process, in some cases, it's going to be long. So that like the introduce the great governor. Is the state taking anything away from this are people taking anything away from this anything to be learned from from all of his loss. I think so I think looking at a fire like this. Where all the worst case scenarios all converged. It kind of shows what happens if we do nothing if we continue doing business as usual approach to how we live among fires how we live with this risk if we continue building in these high risk areas if we continue driving up the temperatures around the world, and if we continue not actively managing the forest and reducing the fuel loads. All that means is in the future. We're going to continue to see larger more destructive and potentially deadly. Fires. Who may our earth reports on the environment and climate for? I'm Sean Ramos firm. This is today explained. Spencer hall. You're the host of the seem smart podcast from that's be nations on the vox media podcast network. How did you kick off the season of it seems smart? We started the season with the tail of Albert bell and the great bat caper. This involves a major league baseball player filling a bat with cork, which you're not supposed to do getting it comes gated by the officials and then one brave teammate deciding to get it back by committing an act of cat burglary through the roof of major league ballpark. What what team was this again? This would be the Cleveland Indians in nineteen ninety four versus the Chicago White Sox Spencer. I feel like I'm starting to pick up a theme of the podcast, which is everyone in professional sports looking for ways to get ahead and cheat. Yeah. And one other theme of the podcast is that typically when people try to do this. It goes sideways fast. Okay. So people can find that one. That was the first one that kicked off the season. That's the first one you can find it. I tune Stitcher wherever you get your podcast. Just, you know, search for it seems smart. Art of the vox media podcast network from Espy nation dot com.

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