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And Subaru dot com on July first, the minimum wage will increase the fourteen dollars and twenty five cents an hour for employees of large businesses in the city of Los Angeles employees in the city of LA also qualify for paid sick leave. No, your employee rights and employer responsibilities. Visit wages L, A dot city dot org, or call one eight four four wages LA for info contractor license, ten forty seven to seventy eighty one two different companies can install exactly the same air conditioner, and it will perform entirely differently in your home in salt perfectly. It uses a lot less energy keeps your home, a lot more comfortable and lasts a whole lot longer and saw that same system quickly and cheaply, and we use way more energy. At least some rooms too hot while others to call, and that system will break down often, and then die agonizingly expensive death to install it correctly, you need to measure Justice static pressure in the duck. So the system can bring, and then fine. Tune the super heat, and sub cooling, the electrical parts of got to be corrected. Up to code every connection has to be tight tied down to eliminate vibration. And you've got to clean out the freeing system. Copper lines, it just doesn't make any sense to install a new heart without clean out. The arteries to make sure the outside unit has good airflow. This is Ken Goodman's. Get it done right. Call GO TTL. It'll keep you cool, but it's hard to spell your back at the mechanics you need to call them in law. Boss dot com right now and get the pros on your side. California has the toughest lemon laws in the country and Lebanon. Boss dot com has helped thousands of customers. Get a refund or replacement of their vehicle in as little as five minutes over the phone..

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