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And were i. I would work with my grandfather. Starting at i think i remember five five years old navy first grade and we'd help him with his business and help them whole things around and he would We always give him a hard time about this because he would he would pay us. He wouldn't pay cash he'd pay us in candy and i was like i don't know that may cross some lines there but we But also just i think seeing exposure to to his business in seeing him operate that is a is a small business owner with in how he grew that. I think all those things i didn't realize in the moment Had really led to a were pretty substantial events that kind of shaped my mind into thinking about a lot about business a lot about sales over time in a fairly informal way is that grew up and i remember is. I got into about sixth grade. That's where i would say my first real entrepreneurial experience happen where my best. My my lifelong best friend and i ended up starting a We ended up going out to sam's club buying this In bulk a huge bag of lollipops jolly rancher lollipops at every. Everyone of the school wanted. But there wasn't a place to just go buy them Not the most innovative idea anybody's ever thought of here. But but what we do is we buy them in bulk and sell them for fifty cents each and we'd make a couple of hundred dollars a month in sixth grade which was a lot of money back. Then we go we every day after After school would be on the bus together. And we'd count the money and we'd split and that was i can remember since then i've always had some some sort of side hustle or business that has been going on to where i'm i'm selling something. I'm starting something identifying a gap in in a market or school and trying to fill that with some sort of side hustle. And and that led i think as i i was i was really deepening. Sports quite a bit. I ended up You're kind of fast forward to me going into To high school i was i was kind of started to focus more and more and football and running track and as i I think sports really taught me to be fairly goal oriented but also know i think sports teaches you so many life lessons early on around just how to deal with adversity to work with other people how to overcome so many challenges or obstacles that are putting your way in but at the same time is helping you but it gives you like the fastest. The quickest feedback loop early on your life to be able to see. Hey if i work. I can see that i can and be able to If i put in extra work they extra time towards something how that actually comes back in and actually helps me improve or helps me do something or accomplish something in seeing what accomplishing goals actually did for me. So i became fairly goal oriented in high school and was really always kind of setting myself out setting myself up As i my goal i think going my junior year was like i. I wanna hit all these certain numbers for running and running certain times and lifting weights but also Wanted to do all these things to get to be a d. one football player and that was my goal in so as i said set out that goal ended up accomplishing that and going to the naval academy was recruited Recruited to play football. They are accepted into the school and i Into.

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