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This week Kensington here in London is playing host to London's book for while wandering around. It monocle resident bookworm do Georgina Godwin took took caught up with the man Booker international. Judge Maureen freely to hear more about the price. We just did our job, and we put together the thirteen books that we thought were most interesting. Why are people fascinated by your choices? I think that it's partly that we somehow managed without design to have writers from twelve different countries out of thirteen books. So that's one thing and that happened all by itself. And another thing that happened all by itself is for us from our point of view is that almost all of the books are from independent publishers. And so that's quite amazing because it's very unusual for small independent publishers to get a look-in on price lists when I judge the predecessor of the independent Booker that's foreign fiction prize. And that would have been about twelve years ago thirteen years ago. It was not the case. And I remember that we looked at our shortlist in some embarrassment to see that almost more than half of them were published by Christopher Michael hosts and. I think it was before he had his own imprint, but he was such a powerful force in promoting fiction and translation that it wouldn't have been a surprise. But was embarrassing because we were just talking about the books, we weren't looking at to publish at all I in the years since I think when I was judging the foreign fiction prize back in the naughtiest bit not the thing that was to be opened for me was how interesting new growing, independent sector was and as a novelist I felt that they were collectively could collectively putting out more interesting books, then they market driven marketing departments dominated main publishers at the time. So I started looking to them for company..

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