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And my husband size and this may be apocryphal that's his uncle invented the nonstick khan that never can't the pace and say that you are four nearly made in lost say he knows any was on television that he was turning out book half the book he judge cookery competitions he was on quiz is create something new dorin lighten people yet free i think he really created the template fed the muslim celebrity chef he talks about the convene a sea of cooking advice it eat seeing as a family regional cookery he talked about its seasonal fruit and vegetables i think he was really causing ads and he said his hide see love fees but not nelson agreed you way but in a celebration anyway he was such a big influence on my mother in law who died at ninety four two months ago and to the very end of her life was f amid ably plan current and she cut his head to bothering brotherinlaw with having been a grace him flynn's because when she first married my father inau she jaani could not boil an egg and imagine having tim a dating it was to be the sisterinlaw of the main most famous chef embracing when he couldn't violent hag when i want a really simple recipe for something like her with a pastry offer the plane sponge and i just know that i want something that's going to work i will time tongkah fell we have many of his bags in it's just such a pleasure to apron a top and to hear his voice.

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