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Also accepting boats motorcycles rv's and real estate donations kcbs news time ten eleven a san francisco cop has been fired for the fatal shooting of a carjacking suspect last december chris samba yellow was on his fourth day on the job when he shot kita o'neil police say neal carjacked state lottery worker and led police on a chase which ended in the bay view the shooting was captured on some of your body camera the police officers union calls the firing needless and that saw me oh did what he was trained to do protesters marched on the alameda county da's office today calling for the prosecution of a bart cop who shot and killed a twenty eight year old man in early january kcbs is marquee schaefer reports from oakland the drum beating and chanting on behalf of shalini tyndall echoed through the alameda county building cpas johnson the uncle of oscar grant who was also shot and killed by a bar police officer was among the supporters that what we're doing here is not in vain this is just one of many actions to come officer joseph mattew was cleared to return to work two weeks after the shooting officer body camera video of the shooting has been made available on youtube alameda county chief district attorney kevin dunleavy says a team from his office is active with conducting an independent in parallel investigation to determine whether or not a crime has been committed this process does take time once the investigation is finished a decision on the prosecution will be made available to the public in oakland margie schaefer kcbs sports coming up kcbs news time ten thirteen sponsored by fry's electronics are.

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