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To thank you for introducing us to Butterfield's ice cream Parker on so my question is going to be what's your favorite flavor? But that is our must. Go to place wherever we take people up from the airport. We were in that part of the state at Royal Reservoir at the Castle Canyon or any place like that. Thank you. Thank you and drop their butter pecan. There is literally loaded with pecans. And it is the best butter pecan ice cream I've ever had in my life and I feel like that's kind of an old person answer, but it's outstanding. But all of the ice cream and for those air just hearing about Butterfield's Butterfields is located. In the Stroh Ranch King Super. I looked it up because last time I mention it all these people e mailed me and said, Where is that? Where is that? So it's the Strobridge King Super Plaza, and it's just a brother and sister and they make. It's not fancy flavors. You're not going to see the weird flavours here. It's the flavors you love done perfectly there. Just so so good. Well, Vicky, what's your favorite flavor? Um, I have a top three. If I had to be a forced choice, I would say the caramel Oreo. Yeah, that's really good, too. But my has been left better behind to, he says. There's a pecan and every bite and exactly it is loaded with pecans. That's what makes it so good. All right. We're going to spend the day going. Go ahead, Dave. Okay, Here's your question. What is your principal defect? Ally principle. That's a deep question. Very hard. Yeah, they are like super hard questions. I feel like that when I was a little bit of thought. Unless you Gosh! How about my inability to agree with myself? I probably I have plenty to choose from. And I know, um so right now, I guess with this whole co vered thing I'm gonna say impatience. There you go. That's a good one. Thank you so much, Vicky, And I'm glad you love Butterfield as much as I do. Let me go to Susie in Parker. Hey, Susie, you're on K away. Hi, Mandy. I just wanted to tell you, thank you so much for bringing attention to the recall Polish. Um A journey that we're on here, and I would like to encourage anybody that's listening that wants him to be recalled. Don't don't rest on your laurels. Don't say I'm going to go get to it. I was intimidated by going to get a petition. But I got one yesterday was explained to me very thoroughly. There's really nothing to it. It's super easy on DH. I just went to Wal Mart to get poster board to make a recall published sign for when I go out and get my petition signatures, So we need to keep plugging away at this for the next week or so. I believe we have to. We remembered knowing Yep. November night Monday, so there's To win his love people. You just don't sit back. We can't just get another petition signatures. We have to go well above and beyond, because probably force to a third of them could get thrown out by the secretary of state's office so we can just get just enough. I appreciate the phone call, people can go to dethrone Pulis dot com To get more information about where to sign a petition or how to get a petition. But now, Suzy, we have to spend David well of golden questions to find out what your hard question is. All right. This is a nice one eye like this. What natural gift would you most like to possess? I would say, natural gift I would like to pose us. I guess being having a superpower probably wouldn't be in there. But I want to have a super power company used that answer. So you're not good enough. Which is a natural gift You want. What? Which Superpower do you want? Three people's minds. Oh, God, that would be so disturbing. I would not want to do that. No way, nohow. I don't want to know what people are thinking. I want everyone to have plausible deniability. What gift? Would you write? What? What Superpower? What? Max Match? Natural guy. I'd like to be able to play music. Me. I don't have that gift. You know That was me. I don't have that gift it all. Hey, I appreciate the phone call very much. Susi. For those of you on hold just tune in next week because we're going toe. Probably due that I like this. I like Dave's big wheel of of stolen questions. So keep that. Keep the quote a grant. Keep the wheel. If you know what I mean, is amazing. It's over. It did in a state place the same pace every time. It's amazing. Perfectly count of the touch your perfectly calibrated. It's outstanding because now it's time for the most exciting segment on the radio. It's kind and wow of the day. Oh, right. Right. Everybody's you. You get pens from like your mechanic and stuff. Do your mechanic give you pens, things like.

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