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Saint louis composting garden hotline with your host mike miller on kigomo wax s headed south down to arnold and that's where helen lives hi helen learning mike i've got about forty knockout rose bushes in my yard yikes and yeah and this year three of them have like morphed into a strange looking bush the flowers are coming out like a bush of okay and the stems are red and i think my motherinlaw had to rose bushes that did the same thing right and they eventually died so i don't know what's happening to them or what's causing it that's my main question 'cause i really don't want that to happen to my other bushes yeah unfortunately it sounds like you have rose rosette and that's a deadly disease and it can be transmitted by all kinds of different insects and everything else so they can move from the infected one over to the uninfected one and actually i mean even at the arch grounds where they have professional groundskeepers there all the time their some of their roses knockout roses got effective with rosette they ended up just going ahead and having to take them all out but if you have forty of them i mean there isn't anything that you can spray as a preventative for the rose rosette that's the unfortunate thing oh that's a shame yeah the dig him out yeah i got two separate dad sitting there at the other bad is not affected and there's probably i'd say fifteen in this bad and three of them right now are are affected right so you're saying that it'll it'll eventually spread to the other one can spread by spider mites spider mice gets you know they get it all over themselves while they're feeding and doing this and doing that then the wind blows a spider mites onto the other shrubs and then they've got it all over the their feet and they knock you late the other one that the other knockout rose it hasn't been impacted by yet and they inoculated and get it into the vascular system or the veins of the unaffected rose and now all of a sudden it's going to have the rose rosette that brings a question to mind how about trying to spray perspire my on the other bushes that would definitely help but just make sure if you're going to spray for spider mites use a mida side and spray on the underside of leaves as well and you don't spray in the heat of the day because you can do some damage to your roses just by you know by having the chemical on there when is extremely hot so i always read the label and it's called maya's side yeah i t i c i d okay specific because a regular insecticide doesn't impact spider mites so that's why you gotta have one that's specifically for killing let's say spider mites that's good to know i've got one more question here this is i've lived in this house for forty five years i've never had deer eat my hosters this year they're coming into the yard and and just the house i've got four of them that are completely chewed up right what can i do to keep the deer off of just gets tried some different repellents also yeah the reponse are great but you know i have found and i actually one of the houses i was at this past wednesday they're doing the same thing dial soap or no sorry sorry irish spring bars of soap you can lay that around for some reason the deer hate that so just by the plant exactly just four bar some people say cut up in pieces i say who cares but irish spring soap that smell apparently the dear it burns her eyes and her nose and everything else you could try that but that's right and then also go to your favorite garden center and get a repellent but this is again a circumstances like the lady with the squirrels eating your tomatoes is so dry the deer are just desperate yeah so irish spring yes and i is there a commercial type product that you can buy as well yeah i mean there's just go to your favorite garden center and just tell them that you want to repellent and you i can't you know there's all kinds of different ones out there i don't know what each place is going to have so just telling me wanna repellent that will repel wildlife so deer chipmunks all this you know everything right sounds good thanks my good luck with that yeah irish spring so and.

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