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Panthers man, Pat, Baldwin Milwaukee back home back in the states to take on the Drake BULLDOGS. We'll talk about that in a minute. The coach what a incredible opportunity for you. And for these young men over the last week or so just to give us a little synopsis. Just a little short thumbnail about the experience. We'll get the basketball in the second. Yeah. You know, first of all it's great to be back in the friendly confines of panther arena with you, of course. But the experience that we had going to Belfast Northern Ireland is something that you can't take away from our young men and the guys experience if they had it was a tremendous opportunity for them. We got a chance to speak with some some kids, and and work with them on different things and talk to them about kind of you know, what what makes our program run. Our our guys all get along because we all know about kind of the political state that they're in and somewhat even save religious Therion. With a separate separatism. But it was it was a great experience where very well organized a tournament was and as we mentioned before this is going to be a trip that they'll never forget. They might forget a shot they made or missed, but they'll never forget the experience of going over there as a team and in experiencing something different. Meanwhile, a couple of games against now at top twenty buffalo team and a very good Stephen F Austin squad. The as those two games on folded. You guys were right there had lead late first half against SFA four point game with about eight minutes to go against buffalo and just a run by your opponent in both games was kind of a difference. I it definitely was the difference. If you backtrack to buffalo. You know, like you said we were four points down with eight minutes to go, and we had three straight possessions. Where we didn't get anything out of it. And we left him off the offensive side of the floor and in buffalo came around. I think they made three threes in a row or started to push the lead back up after that. And we just couldn't recover obviously, incidentally, tournament team in a five seniors on their squad. So it made it difficult. If you weren't executing for you to win in that game. And certainly the same thing with Stephen F Austin, we we would count thirteen turnovers that led to sixteen points for them offer their turnovers and that was the difference especially in the first half when they shot thirty percent in the first half, but still were up five. So we would have taken care of the basketball. Maybe we'd have been up ten or maybe be a different story, but very good programs that we played instead caliber teams and for us. It was a great lesson for what you need to do in order to try to win games. Like that. Tonight, a five and one Drake BULLDOGS squad comes in here. You get a little help back in the back court. I know you're excited about. Yeah. We're we're excited to have Bryce Barnes back, and that will certainly help. Darius ROY and give him some rest when he needs because he's been logging a lot of minutes. So to have experienced also for some of my Bryce to know what you know, what we're expecting of them will be great for us. And I think it'll be a great addition to what we're now formulating with our with our starting five and our rotation. It'll be great to have him back mentioned Drake with a five one record daily returned one starter. But putting up some big numbers with Norton and with McGlynn, especially leading the charge. Yeah. Those have been really good, especially Norton when you have a a quality point guard that comes in and runs your show. You know, it really makes a difference with a lot of the guys you can see what mclennan's at fifteen a game, you know, Wilkins's at eleven and even knowing someone who's putting up his nine points to ten points per game. Game. And you know, but I think it starts with with Norton McLean in the paint. He's really been doing a great job for them. He's even trying to step out and shoot it not shooting a great percentage. But still looks competent in shooting in his last game against north North Dakota state. He may three so we have to contend with that. So those two are our key. But also they have some other guys that can really that can play to and we have to contend with them as well. One Murphy twins out the other twin will start coach best of scale against Drake. Thank you very much presented. We'll continue with more from panther arena. In a moment on news talk eleven thirty w I s end the iheartradio app. Good. You're practic health center is a.

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