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Probably some sort of fraud but the reality here is that after the fact we upon formation in the and that is that one of the regular paul family contributors dorothy coster. Paul might be better known as dorothy. Coster is because she was married to moore lives at. I think that neither of these gentlemen are making any money with their with their weird hollywood. Fantasy life But i i think that this is all being bankrolled by some weird old christmas song. That's right because burr lives famously sung. Have a holly jolly christmas right. Yeah among many banger though. And you can't deny that so every time you hear holly jolly christmas played on the radio. It's like one penny is going into the pocket of stewart. Paul spot buster film. Which is fucked up stewart. Paul is making me rethink christmas at a lot of ways. It's i wonder why none of these movies have burlap saw. I know you'd think they'd be able to. I don't know i'm still with him or berlin. It's gotta be dead right Yeah he's dead but he's still alive. She's still alive. Yes oh who who owns the licenses. Borough lives catalog. You'd think they just use it. All willy nilly but then again. They're not afraid to shell out the big bucks for a big time. Hollywood composers so i show ron. Why bother with berlin. Yeah while see and that takes us right to deadly lessons. So what if i told you that. There's a feature film and it has a real budget. It has music by michel legrand. And then it's got the cinematographer from like bad. Boys i think is that right or there are two cinematographers. You are correct. The second cinematographer was the cinematographer for the kubrick war film. Full metal jacket. Yes full brain fart on that while it happens just watched three stewart paul by braids that functioning okay. Bro status has been revoked. Yeah so. I mean realistically it's like okay. She got a big gun guy who worked on bad boys. Then you got some arthouse pussy. Who work done whatever the war movie who cares anyways so. Yeah there's real people making this very real movie starring. John lloyd who is. He's an oscar award winner or just nominee. I think he's a winner. I think he's a winner to in my head. He's a winner. And here we are and let me tell you what i what i said. Oh it's like a neil breen movie with an avatar budget. That's really what it feels like this. Something home looks like a real movie. It sounds like a real movie but one thing you can't hide is not a well-directed movie and the acting. Here's pretty questionable throughout also restore airy is the most like profoundly baby brain dumdum shit. Anyone has conceived of ever. I i believe so. It's essentially about a professor doctor. A counselor a guy in a classroom. Who kind of looks like richard lewis or. Maybe a little bit like professional wrestler. Kenny omega and his name is simon conjurer and yes that is spelled conjurer but it's pronounced poorer and he gets a bunch of people together in his class and each one has an addiction or a problem which that also defines their entire personality in one. Big broad stroke. So there's a girl who's addicted to pills and she's just eat until the whole time and there's a fat guy he can't stop eating comically large hoagie. there is a black man who is angry My personal favorite. There's the kid who's dislike. I'm gators like i don't know if that's the problem. Stewart on paul. You might wanna agree some things unfair each sprayed figure it out. No he's the yeah. I assume like there's better ways to figure it out and then just being black angry. That seems kind of inherently problematic to but you know this is just a whole collection of stereotypes at one room and a and then. I don't know and then jon voight shows up in a weird grotesque like dick tracy fat suit and won't stop eating candy bars. What the fuck is this. I need help. I've seen this three times in as many months. And i still cannot like just walking. Figure it out it's a grand adventure film Do you mentioned simon. Paul is a separate paul. I think that is stuart. Sung excitement is stewart's father son. Is he nine. So just like the off his first on the crease. It's trying to go just steadfast spiritual family. I really love working. Everyone man like steve mentioned something. Like warn me specific event of just like we a problem in the true belief in our lord and savior Mother just by knowing what's up has like christianity sensibility. But this movie's really very film. But it's sort of like you don't know where it's going you genuinely. Don't unders this. it's also easy for kids. Ask wonder but the sense of wondering just out films and say where you're just sitting there and you're like no any together probably never will but i also don't know the movie and it's a two hours twenty minutes smaller and generally although i will admit that there's a point yeah This is As far as like white privilege were like some white guy cheeses is this one is not that. I'm just disappointed to hear the you you checked out at the end. That was my big thing coming in and on tasking jake. Jack was trying to tell me what the fuck is going on. And now at the end of this movie connects with the remainder of it because this is framed through the perspective of Initially well i don't know it finds young rebel. Myross who rapid rebel is like an abhorrence. Actor who is a suicidal young punk doing like swertz brooklyn accent even though this movie takes place in lots of dhaka's prick kid who's just like. Oh i wanna die. 'cause by derry. Lift the bobbing does a good.

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