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Ohi didn't see you there. It's me george from the best little horror house in philly the show where we talk about the best horror movie ever made according to our guest. At least we've talked about groundbreaking classics like texas chainsaw. Massacre an alien got a lot of great ones coming up including some very fun guests. Like len cabs inskeep of swamp zombies and red letter media fame caroline williams. The star of texas chainsaw massacre two and chase williamson from john. Dies at the end. So make sure you're subscribed to the best little horror house in philly and i'll see you boils and ghouls over there and welcome back now. It's time to get into plot for red dawn. Twenty twelve we open on credits over stock footage of military action. We get obama. We get economic collapse. North korea basically russia is invading georgia and north korea is attacking south korea. We also get shots of sleepy joe. Even decades decades. Who would've thought we'd be seeing biden again. A little bit of shock forgetting that vice president of the united states. What he mentioned is like yeah. We're we're going to toughen our sanctions on russia on shit. It's buying and the question coming out of the credits is. What does north korea wants me to high school football game as or listen to the radio in his truck. Josh peck is the star quarterback. Fuck you and it's absolutely demolished on two plays. And larry sheriff as the head. Coach took me to scenes to go. Okay that's a famous football choir. Make us that guy to denver linemen apps on espn got. I did like how they they tried. Desperately to make josh peck into this. Like stud right when he just gets absolutely laid out by the tackle and he gets me. That guy hits hard. That was nothing like dude that would've knocked out of the game man. We we know you. Pack the entire football suggests the foreshadowing of the nickname yet. He's he's alone gun. He's he's a cowboy. The team's nickname wolverines only his his basic character arc or his. His makeup is basically. He does what he wants. Right josh peck is a dick. As i assume he is in real life and doesn't understand. Clock management is dad. Not chris cooper looks on as teams settled for field goal to tie it. But the kicker goes wide right and they lose they. Actually thomas wayne from joker this description for that guy. Brad cohen solid character actor not quite as solid as chris. Cooper though.

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