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Kreme pocket are just going down taken by Julie love the twenty to thirty as Julian just inside Montgomery the Notre Dame product in Nazareth high school kid now it makes the interception on a deep throat mischief Joni I kind WBBM despite a couple of interceptions risky steering the bears to a nineteen fourteen whatever the giants at Soldier Field the third year quarterback throwing a touchdown pass Allen Robinson also rushing for score the QB after having to come out last week with an injury want to be out there with my guys and and and find a way to win this week so it's really important to me that I'm out there and just mention trying to do to some level of what I do so love being out there the guys in the point football so just anything that gets in the way with just got a bill through and I make sure I could stay on the field and and keep trying to find ways to help this team win so is important for me to do that this weekend recover quick and we are quick turn around again meanwhile the bears rushing attack wasn't working just twenty two yards on thirteen carries for David Montgomery ha ha Clinton Dix collected to my seven tackles Khalil Mack makes his presence felt with the strip sack up next the lines on thanksgiving day few minutes away from tonight's matchup which Penn state into Packers against of nine and one forty Niners in San Francisco meanwhile the mid afternoon games knowing on tops Dallas thirteen nine Tennessee takes care of Jacksonville forty two to twenty earlier in the afternoon buffalo beats Denver twenty to three minute process Frank gore passing very Sanders for third all time in the NFL Russian list I know for the bears Kevin Japanese radio seven eighty one of five point nine FM WBBM news time seven eighteen traffic.

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