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Marketing trends and today we are joined by special guest. Tom how are you. I'm good how you doing. I'm doing great excited to talk about your each and everything in between so let's get into it. How'd you get started in marketing. Yeah i. I actually started in politics. So i was Student organizer for the howard dean for president campaign while i was in college and it was inspiring for me. You know from the usual reasons. People get into politics policy in change But it also was was inspiring From a communication standpoint that was the kind of the campaign that revolutionized a political campaigns terms of how we communicate a how we organize how we raise money. It was this sort of. I like big bottom up movement oriented digitally power campaign. I was lucky to to meet the campaign manager from that campaign. show trippy. who became my mentor. Not by business partner that we went onto to build a political media agency together So we were for everyone from governor jerry brown of california to more recently senator doug jones in alabama. I also doubt judy during that to work with a good people at the humane society. United states Where we worked at a lot of food related issues so ballot initiatives relating to cage size for egg-laying hens to efforts for family farmers and other food related issues and that's how i met the founders of adjust in i add to make the tough decision a couple years ago sort pivot away from politics and enjoying team. He just And it was a great decision it was. It was great to pivot from politics to to a brand without having to serve sacrifice the mission that i had been working towards and so a really great home in a sunshine. Sandwich here yet and so tell me a little bit about your current role as head of marketing. Yeah so each us for those not familiar. Were food company based in san francisco. We have two brands so our our first brand is just egg. It's been in the market for a little over two years. It's a plant based egg so we have got now for just egg products. We've got just a liquid. It's enact said imagine a liquid egg. I mean you can make everything from an omelette scrambled for totta much anything you can do with conventional eggs. You can do adjust egg. We also have just folded which is a frozen kinda like the egg patty. You'd get on a mcdonald's breakfast sandwich you pop it in the toaster. Microwave ovens skillet heated up panatta breakfast sandwich on a salad and that we just launched our justice su vida which is kind of like the the the egg bites. You might get starbucks there. Their su vida bites got four different flavors unjust eggs now about twenty thousand doors in the us so everything from kroger to walmart whole foods. Were there were awesome. China hong kong singapore canada soon in south korea europe in an obviously we've got our sights on on on more markets beyond that so the fastest growing brand united states and the fastest growing plant based category united states. So lots happened In two years and then our second brand is good meat so good meat is the world's first culture needs in. It's a pretty wild process to explain. But the the real short stories. We extract Cells from a living animal chicken. Kyle pretty much any animal you want. And we We then grow meet in a bi-reactor so we feed those cells the same nutrients that they might get in In an animal lipids water amino acids and were able to to grow real neat without cutting down rainforests or coming in and that is a very new brand in a very new product launched in singapore last december. It's the only country in the world that is given regulatory approval in were the only company in the world that is currently commercially selling a cultured meat. So pretty exciting moment. My role is to kind of tie this all together but the headline for me is how do we build the world's first squabble brand and that may sound kind of like ambitious or crazy but if you think about it. There is no global brand. It's kind of a eggs Local commodity there are things people by. They don't necessarily look at branding. When purchasing eggs in we have this unique moment with this incredible technology products partnerships around the globe where we can actually build the world's first globe leg brand and we can do it with a plant based egg which is pretty exciting. So that that's i'd say the big part of my job is. How do we figure out the puzzle. How do we effectively build a new category in retail which is plant based eggs. How do we position just egg. How do we continue to accelerate our food service growth to kobe. Odyssey was a challenge for us in the food service side. And we're seeing that that completely pick up now and how do we continue to build their food. service growth. Another big piece of my role is asking building so we're going from a relatively small. Us brand now having our sights on building for school blog brands. It's a huge transition. How do we build a platform that could be adapted to new markets How do we build a teen in different markets around the world to help make it happen so huge team effort obviously myself but our brand had a calms our entire team here in san francisco in another markets. Trying to figure out how we do that. And how how do you go to market. What are the ways that you're selling Both just egg and the just take products and then we can. We can talk kind of. I know good. Meat is is very new. So that's a little different. Yeah it's tricky anywhere. A brand new product. We're brand new category. So it's not about. How do we get incremental sales of away from a competitor in the plan taste space. We have to raise awareness that a plant based exists that it's delicious that it's called just egg so it's a lot of awareness of brand building so to do that. We do a lot of paid media. Work podcast that. Tv programmatic video A lot of influence her work organic and paid. You know we've been lucky. In addition to the paperwork we've done to get people like liz. Oh and can kim kardashian and other prominent people who really love our product or really. Love the brand and sort organically boasting about us which has been really important. A big pieces manually. So as we start to get more coffee chains and and food service establishments making sure that that that just egg brand is i'm menu. That people are starting to identify. If i want a all plant based breakfast that means adjust egg breakfast so working really hard on on our menu and approach with food. Service has been very important in in store.

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