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Sudan show here on ESPN LA Kirk Morrison hanging out with us today. It's a Morrison Monday. Hello, sir. How are you? Oh, man. I'm doing good, man. What a week George what a week. So it's funny. You actually a week. You mean, you're you're on Mondays. Yes. Morrison Monday Morrison Manasseh Donaldson. And the funny part is you were telling me and Mike or mic, and I about just everything that happens here when you're gone for a week in a week right in a week. What was going last night you had the showdown? Well, that's the Boba. You guys are doing that. I'm here hold it down at the downtown LA ESPN LA studio, Saul my cool in the all throughout the week. You kind of like all right? I mean, I can't wait to come back on Monday with kinda like my day. But then the next day so much just start happening, George. I mean 'cause then Tuesday it was magic the magic press conference which was supposed to be Lou qualms last day, turn into the impromptu Magic Johnson press conference and LeBron was supposed to speak, and he his feet that was gonna be LeBron's last chance to speak to the media was see remember LeBron had his exit interview on Sunday night. Right. That with Jim hill, Brian. That that's pretty much. All sorry. Sorry. Monday night was the Monday night after. National championship, by the way for people who forgot that Virginia won last week at this time, right? So Virginia wins and the next week you next the next day. Tuesday was Magic Johnson's impromptu press conference with Mike Pearson in the background throughout the interview you and Carlo, by the way, hilarious any cabinets. You've got a question into will. So it was like a bunch of all stars. I'm tuning in. Because all this is just kind of it was just going so crazy. So our turn onto Lakers pre-game to listen to see what is going on. You a Michael Thompson are just like out of your mind because you don't know what this is all about and you throw toward interview, and it was to the press conference live, and it was magic for like, forty minutes. I was gone for forty four and he just kept going kept going. So you had that. So then the lead in the game was on a Tuesday games over. But everybody's so Wednesday. It was all about what magic day right magic. Also, then pour Dirk Nowitzki and Dwayne Wade. Nobody cared about them. That's it. That Trump even nationally from those dives you forgot about it. Right. Those poor guys careers were over and had great moments their last two games and no one cared. And then. Friday, fry on look around here. So in LA, you had the Mucci. No, the Knicks. Knicks general right down here at staple. So you got the emotions of a city going through. You know, the the, you know, the the city sun in nipsy hustle Friday. Luke gets fired. Right. And then we start to find out that rob is probably going to be the guy going to be the man call the shots. Right. And then you're like man, I can't take what they always say. This is too much. Right. It was overload all an end Sunday just kinda GIS tiger. It was all tiger. Did you cry? Did I cry? I I did. I did. I almost did. I was audit playing. So I was on a flight flying back from Toronto. I had I couldn't get a direct. So I had to fly through Detroit. Okay. And it was perfect because I got on the plane and the TV's turned on basically when tiger was on the back nine, right? So I got to watch the back nine, and when he hugged his kids, I was fighting back tears, and I was looking around going is anyone else? Crying. I'm going. No, I'm acquire. And I was like I'm not going to do it a not gonna cry ROY..

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