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For the Valero Texas Open, which is the first through the seventh of April at San Antonio, which is right over there can see it from here almost that's coming up at five forty eight ish. And at five coming up before the bottom of the hour yet, FOX business news. But charity what's going on? Boeing is putting the final touches on a software upgrade and revision of the pilot training for the seven thirty-seven max, the upgrade is meant to target. The aircraft's flight control system. News of the upgrades comes after it was determined that a deadly crash involving a seven thirty-seven max aid and had clear similarities to another deadly crash involving the same type of plane in Indonesia. Both of these crashes happened in the last five months sparking concerns over potential issues with the plane model. President Trump stepped up its pressure on General Motors to reopen in Ohio manufacturing plant that recently closed and put seventeen hundred people out of work. Trump's arm-twisting came in a series of separate tweets over the weekend. When he tweeted, I am not happy that it is closed when everything else that our country is booming. I asked her to sell it or do something quickly. And she blamed the U A W union referring to GM CEO, Mary Barra and Trump went. Onto tweet. I don't care. I just wanted to open more than sixteen million vehicles are made at the Lordstown plan during its fifty three year history until GM closed at earlier this month as part of a massive reorganization the company also intends to close four other North American plants by early next year. Well, it was a busy weekend of campaigning for better or Rohrer conservative host. Also love talking about Rourke in a mocking way. But he has some detractors on the left would slight declaring better was missing one important thing and actual reason to run a walk wraps his answers and eloquent vagueness declining to take a stance on the green new deal or Medicare for all and says, impeaching President Trump is up to congress among O'Rourke problems the revelation that in his teens he wrote a short story in which he fantasizes about running over to school children with his car and talks about hearing the crunch of their little bones and the screams of pain a work says he is horribly embarrassed about that today are we about to have an all San Antonio US Senate race. That story coming up at five thirty w away. I news time five twenty two now, traffic and weather.

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