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Well, you know, do me a favor, just kind of sit up and just like, have a little respect for the process. Every day you come to ask me questions, and you just kind of like Give me this, but I mean, just just be a little respect for just I'm asking just to be a little respect for this whole process. Okay, so as to your question professionally, and I'll answer for you. Right. Well, I think it's important process made me evaluate. You know, everything that we do is I like how mad Patricia weakened by the way, Matt Patricia? Um yeah Man picture should fire today Who Coached 43 games. I think it was for the lions and won 13 of them. Not good. No, that's not good. Wisconsin ties now is the head coach for the volume. Darryl Bevel, the interim coach. How about that? MGM blown out too? CNN GM than two Who's a busy interim GM now, Toots. I know Romeo Cornell has got some personal community that works for Billy O B. Yeah. Bob Quinn. The GM is gone now, Patricia gone. I liked him at Patricia. Just, you know, slips into Dad mode there. Come on. Sit up, Sit up, and we look anyone in talking. You look at me when I'm talking to you. No, you can't leave yet. Finish your vegetables. That's let's say Camembert and then just slides right into an actual answer. Okay, the guy who has a pencil for laminated card. I don't have to listen to a word he says. Look, if I'm gonna take posture, lesson lessons from anyone. It's not Matt Patricia that from him. They're very few NFL coaches from taking popular lessons from Um,.

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