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That is out of pocket even than most but yeah so paula. You know she was the thing that made watching this show bearable and then she does something. At the end of the series that is completely unbearable. Some people might argue the most immoral act in the show and people got mad at her and people are still really matter and they're just like as a woman of color like how could you send this like native hawaiian to jail over. The shoe is such a great examination of the differences or the space between what it is that people do and how they act what it is that they think and what they're know records show we all talk one way we all really righteous though we all do some shit that doesn't like at all align with you know the politics that we proclaim to subscribe to a love that because you dow we've talked about this before you know like especially on the internet people love to get into specific like binary of like well take for instance even like the easy way question you know of like Would you call the police. Like a black person is funny in theory right and everyone on the internet is like oh you know like yeah. You can't call black people like doing this etc but it's like okay if a man is breaking in your home with a gun about to kill you or a knife you know like if you're pressed in this situation what are you going to do and i think a lot of people on the internet tried to create like x. Men danger room games for life of what they know that they would do. When you know that if any of the like fake scenarios people come up with on. The internet are not how they're actually going to act in real life. We saw that we cove it the way that people talk about rules and what they should be doing and how other people should be doing. And then you've seen a year like you see a friend of the party like when it's gordon. Tina you're doing this. It's like everyone acts differently when this stuff happens so i think it's very silly to have paula sitting there thinking. Well you know like. I can't get a native islander arrested by getting him involved in a crime you know. She's not sitting there and thinking how people are going to react online or morally to what she's trying to accomplish. I do want to thank both her. And city sweeney though specifically for their facial reactions throughout the entire show. I mean i'm not saying. I'm somebody when i watch. Tv show. i need to see my reactions soundboard exactly or whatever but man just the gift worthiness of looking at connie britton with like an eyelid. Moving the grimace dropping. It's just like really subtle but like harsh acting. That i think are maybe the most fun acting moments in the whole show actually even though people get lots of great character revealing monologues etc. I would agree. And i think i also want to talk about fred. Hatching occurs plays. Quinn and quinn ends up. Being in the finale sort of the symbol. he's like melancholic. Symbol of escape right. I think that the three of them him sydney and brittany are kind of like this incredible triptych of what gen z. Actually is like gossip. Girl is totally didactic. Doesn't have the characters like actually speaking like people and we're not we're not talking about through the almost like a non verbal or like half verbal performances. We just got so much fuller of portrait. This generation especially because they're interacting with people of different generation like connie. How about watching people think is so much fun. And i think that's a key part of this show that is extra compelling is even when it's not you know people clean it doesn't have enough plot or there's not enough going on but honestly it's always giving you something to look at whether it's somebody giving you know a sarcastic response or just thinking for an extra second which is such a pleasure to see an such a clue as we know you love watching white think of as he entire reason you sharp objects of sitting in cars thinking that board asked how the idea of old tears on their face. Not even utah. They've been crying for a while but or cape blanchette. The world's slowest smiler which is my favorite thing about her anyway. But that's i think we specifically got a lot of that and this show which is a great entry and what i will call incompetence vaudeville like veep and succession discuss though as much as we all seem to be fans of the show. Should we discuss some of the criticisms regarding kind of like the paradox of making a show about people who are you know terminally tied to their wealth and setting it on the island of hawaii. Eric there during right when so many native hawaiians had been telling tourists not come because they were like literally bringing infection to their home and there were some like music drops and the show that are outside of crystals amazing creepy eerie score. That felt a little leg playing this like kind of hokey song that everyone associates with hawaii. They they were just a few moments where i was like Mike white's not like completely confident or not completely owning more self indicting himself as a creator and lai chi also is a character that i just thought was done no justice he has no. I don't even mind that he disappears. It's in keeping with the tenor of the story. But his backstory that his family owned the land and the hotel was on. It was just like really try. Really simple and i think that there's a you have to figure out okay. These people can't be at the center of the story right. I just haven't created the show for that to happen. The how can i give them enough depth that even in their smallness they are like equally contending with the largest of someone like tanya or the other characters and. I thought that that wasn't done. I think is sort of goes to sort of just like mike white's telling of the story and just sort of how es cultures have been entrenched in american popular culture. Because like even if he was wanting to like do a good thing here i did agree about the music. It constantly felt like i was watching like hawaii five like the original. You know when there'd be like sunday mysterious happened on the island and you hear this sort of music. Even the theme song is which is a banger. But you know like so much of the music feels like when you're watching like betty davis in the letter and you start hearing oriental music. When like like the asian woman shows up to curse her. It felt very much that and get not even just disappearing the girl disappearing who gave birth in the first episode to and i get that i want to say that i feel that you can't have it both ways if you're mark white like in one way the show doesn't have to be commenting specifically on white people in trying to tear down like this colonialist but then if you also want to say that the point of the story is that these white people are taking over and then so that's why the other characters dropped out then it just work for me and that's when i sort of meant that it felt unfulfilling to me in the end because i know that he likes john. I've talked about this on the show before like he had that two thousand fox show that got canceled. Pasadena with dana delany. That was like a primetime soap. You know like we know that he likes that kind of stuff. And i felt like as a show with like a mystery in the beginning and that was soapy and having characters interact. It's sort of just went to an ending that you sort of expected especially like natasha. Rothwell and jennifer coolidge. I think everybody saw where that's going at the end we saw. She was going to be hurt when she changed her mind about doing the spa. So i was just thinking like why not as a writer even if you're getting us to that conclusion and that's what you want to say. Why not surprise us a bit more in that story. Yeah i will say. I think a lot of the strengths of the show are that what occurs. I don't know that. I always expect it. But in retrospect it feels inevitable feeling. I like period. The movie that comes to mind is you've ever seen two days one night with marian courtyard. She's fighting to save her job and what happens at the end of the movie. I wouldn't have written that way and it feels true to life. And i feel like that is true about a lot of what happens in this. Show that said the lease believable. Part of the show is tash rothwells character. Just signing onto this like hokey person you know who has never once credible just as like a a human being that you would believe anything from you know..

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