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Vice piece live coverage from leasing means poorer king erma from abc news headquarters here is correspondent aaron katersky i wall of hurricane erma is now hitting the florida keys the start of its march up florida where nearly seven million people were told to evacuate and where hundreds of thousands are already without power erma is the first categoryfour storm to hit the state since two thousand four now taking aim at the florida keys and bill south is the national weather service meteorologist who was hunkered down in key west bill we know you're safe but what we are you in what's it like all right now on march thirteen fifteen white street in key west florida at the national weather service solely you know where the pretty rocket called saad the laura ingraham show one weapon pretty hard now we're expecting category elite crowd gory threefourths hike when around one hundred eight miles an hour and you were underdone beef odd miles an hour hearing the lowerkey between mild marker you're one already if the adt a quote yet equip the wall of hurricane erma it's going to be a long stretch and probably feel even longer yeah yeah well in a mire that that that word here when d'impact day it a lot of a lot of people will go over it i mean we're we're acting hurricaneforce pairing alert for the next and the twelve hours so it because we category recourse abated were still gonna contained wearing seventy two hundred fourteen miles an hour for another eight hours it's going to feel simply relentless for the florida keys had especially there and key west to what will your neighbors doing were they staying where they going what was the the feel my my feel from my personal ardo perth boil out of luck i heard it a couple of a few people out of date earth wanted i no unfortunately the more date we go on and that the the more i hear about people day and derail your local delight threatening situation we're in right now and guy a argued added founder eight great shelter employer right now world you're gonna have problems with armed search looked like boob waters gift our role on an already golden egg if you own surge of about five and be a water above ground level it will occur after factor gator onto an event that that's going to cover much of the.

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