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Welcome back. Everyone the dog show me we are here with Monica Layton, president of professional pet sitters, and you know, sometimes cats could little nervous when we have to take him to the vet and sometimes the actual trip to that could be even worse than the vets. Visit. So can you give us some tips on fair? Pre cat. Absolutely. So that's one thing that, you know, the veterinary hospital that I work for we really try to work on his peer free visits for our feline friends because one you want the visit to go well for the pet and the pet owner there's nothing worse than you know, how many bring your pet to the vet and having the visible horribly, and then as a pet owner, you feel bad that you put your cat through that. And you know, it's just not fun for anybody. And you want your pet to get regular exams and be seen so anything that can make that trip. A little easier is all the better for everybody involved. So as far as fear free visits. I always start with the number one thing at home is the carrier getting the pet too. They animal hospital. So keep in mind many vets do do house calls, but if they do not and you're bringing the pet in or maybe the pet sick. And in something that they can't do at home. Now, you're going to need to bring the pet in usually in a carrier. So I always suggest that, you know, leave the carrier out in a regular place on a regular visit a regular basis, if you can I always, you know, if it's one of the ones that are the hard plastic ones at the top sunscreen will all leave mine as a pet bed in the corner of one of the rooms that put blankets and stuff in there and little treats in there and leave it out all the time that way the pets used to sleeping with it. And the only thing that is changing is just the cover going on it when they need to travel, but it's a place that they're used to laying in and they feel comfortable and the other thing that I also suggest is they have peel away makes a product like a fair amount. Spray. I always spray the pet some blankets and stuff that are in their carrier. A least a half hour before you leave that'll help take some of the anxiety down as well. As long as you can get them to the office. Then when you get to the office a couple of things you can ask your veterinarian about is if they have feline friendly scheduling, for example, and our office will do blocks during the day, we'll have only feeling appointments that way they're not passing dogs coming in. And now other not hearing dogs barking in other rooms, and that helps you know with your feeling friends. So they're not getting a little anxious. Also, you know, an feeling from the exam room one that they can, you know, put their carrier in that has, you know, maybe Thurmond spray on the, you know, counter Manson, everything which we do at our office, you know, to help calm them down and make them little more ease. Also, you know, if you bring them in instead. Setting the carrier on the floor to where other pets could walk by it. You know, maybe having a bench high enough to where you can put them up at, you know, level with you that way they're not interacting with other pets are people walking by those are all things that can help alleviate the stress for that. Visit getting that pet in fast me are of course, you know, obviously helps the the amount of time that they're susceptible to interacting with other pets. They may not be happy about doing. And then, you know, once they're in there, you know, just going slow, and, you know, treats work to a certain extent. But oftentimes when they are a little anxious. They they don't want trees. They don't wanna eat. They just kinda wanna get done what they have to get down and go home. So, you know, really just going slow with the cat making them comfortable. Lots of padding. Lots of you know, safety feeling secure bringing your own blanket from home and many number. Wrap them up and that blanket, so they feel safe keeping the pet with you. Those are all things that kind of bring downing Sidoti of that visit with your cat. Another thing. Also is if those things alone don't do the job and the pet is still a little anxious. You know, talk to your event about, you know, prescriptions, or, you know, maybe trying some composure or some zucchini you some of the anti anxiety medications, you know, insert them a day or two before your visit in that way. The pets anxiety can come down even further for Monica. Thank you very much. And I think that that helped all our feline lovers out there. Get the visit to the vet safe armed comfortable's. Thank you. So very much. Thank you have a great day coming up summer's here and.

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