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I can do it without getting crazy. I'm the same way as you. And I would rather see at the not because I am a fan too. I want to know what happens three to your point. Sometimes it's people your division. What a great time to scout before at least for me. Sometimes there's performances that inspire you or motivate you or make you think. Okay. Tonight's going to be so bad if they could go through that. I could do it too. Yeah. And actually, so one of the fight something new like two or three fights before me was Neiman gracie's fight against Edward hill. And I was such an incredible flight to watch and afterwards it my locker room with actually joining the Brazilian locker room, which is like on Leinen them, basically all resilient that we're on the card, and they're all Sela. Berating after their fly, you know, with the champagne bottle and everything and I had to us. We were sharing a bathroom zone have to walk through to get to my bathroom, and we so I ran into Neiman, and he was like girl jujitsu, don't forget us usually too. So he is giving me a pep talk before my fight on like. Yeah. I right. And then afterwards we saw each other again right before your guys interview, actually. And he said, I told you girls jujitsu alike. You're right. It does. There are certain bites that do get you really pumped up. So I enjoy watching them. Also, he got on my radar that night. I did not think you know, he was eight known head an oppressive record. But if you look at the opponents, I just didn't think he was ready for this. And he jumped in this tournament would showed a lot of courage, but you're going to have to take that. However, the draw comes and he got dealt from the bottom of the deck and Ruth was the dark horse a lot of people fighters, maybe yourself included. But we thought he could win this whole thing. Oh, sudden name is going to be fighting for a world championship in his very next fight. Should he win that? And win the whole tournament. Then he also is definitive championship. Which is you know is a big deal within the industry and not to mention he wins a million dollars. I don't think there's anybody in Bella tour right now with the contractual opportunity as big as neiman's now. I don't think so either. I mean when I first heard that that prize money, I'm just like and they started flying. And that what about me? Yeah. Yeah. Well, it's funny. You say that I was in a tournament while that was going on. And and we didn't have that that fifty cent and that shampoo will however that whole thing worked that was a part of it. So that is something really cool for the next crop. Speaking of same night that you're going to be fighting Fitch is going to be fighting Rory Fitch could come in spoil this party with his with his style committee. I'm not like a huge, Emma, Maynard or ban. You you talk about how your fan, and I'm like, okay now, I am. But I really I didn't start watching may until I start fighting which was only a couple years ago. So I to be honest. I actually didn't know who Fitch was until he started fighting for Balladur. But I I do from what I understand from what I've seen. He's a veteran of the spore. He's smart. He's a calculated fighter, you know. And he'll I saw his fight against Paul Daley. And I'm just cracking up down. Because Paul whole time was like. Ooh, Hoo to cover it, which I thought was alive. But so I mean, I I guess that's fitches styles. You know, take down here on pound do what you gotta do to win. So I I don't know enough about him to make a good productive. Yeah. And I'll tell you this. I don't know that I wanna make one either other than everything you said for your segment of fitches accurate and an ad that he's also very big. He did a little bit of time at middleweight up at one hundred eighty five pounds. So he slipped back down. He's good with the takedown. He might be able to frustrate ROY. I don't know that I'm picking him, but it's relevant to what we're talking about. Because whoever wins that not only leaves what the championship, but then they draw in immigration..

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