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Like we are this morning currently fifty eight degrees in Sacramento going to a high of ninety degrees this afternoon on news ninety three point one K. F. B. K. I'm Christina danso along with Eileen you're boring for Sam Shane the KDKA morning news continues and we do money news now Kelly brothers and Jennifer is perfect and brothers record high in the markets Kelly good morning too I guess that was held by the G. twenty new efforts on trade that is correct and course we we're not at a record high of it looks like we're gonna open up moving into record territory here what about ten minutes or so less than that now and remember the first half of the year is over it was the best first half of the stock market in over twenty years of the look of the S. and P. five hundred and looks like the second half is going to start out strong with futures indicating a pop of over two hundred points on the Dow thirty points on the S. and P. and as I mentioned that would push the S. and P. into new record territory a Solomon's delicatessen get open up this morning I case street this is the long awaited is going to serve a Jewish deli classics New York style bagel sandwiches on rye bread there's a smaller Davis location already but this is the one that will open up on eighth street in a building that which once housed a tower records store which of course was started by Russ Solomon the namesake of Solomon's deli what else do we have going on today ward buffet has don't need another three to half billion dollars to five donate foundations I should say if you go back to six he's now donated nearly half of what he had at that time worth over thirty four billion dollars that he is giving away to charity so far he plans to give nearly all of it away let's check the real time numbers were about to get off and trading on a Monday morning of a holiday shortened week for the market as it'll will be shut down on Thursday for the fourth of July first of all the Dow Jones industrial average is up seventy three points on Friday it's going to open up by another let me get the most current number for your current it's gonna open up by over two hundred and sixty points we will open at twenty six thousand six hundred old this morning down eighteen at thirteen ninety five an ounce oil up two and a third percent for you combine that with the new taxes which are hitting this morning in California we're gonna feel that at the pump ten year Bodil two point oh two percent Kelly brothers thanks so much and let's get a check on news from our neighborhoods as via chat with Zac this morning we're talking about affordable housing a new project going on yeah we are so this comes out of the Madera Tribune and the city of Madera has been awarded a eleven point three million dollar grant to build low income housing at east fifth in North Sea streets in downtown Madera it's been a lot of public pressure and exposure of the house issue in California I mean especially Los Angeles had this been the topic of documentaries and and lots of stories about how bad the homeless issue is exactly and huge fines put in place by state government for cities that aren't doing that so cities that aren't planning affordable housing developments in the future are a reaching you know kind of it as strong the position against the state government right again stuff like that so this is interesting to the great comes from the state and its derived from money from the pollution mitigation tax and it's gonna build about forty eight multi family units okay forty eight you know that's a start a gas I mean we have so many regulatory concerns within the state of California I read over the weekend an article that to build a home in California with all of the regulations that we have is five hundred thousand dollars more than to build it in another state Texas is one I can do the comparison with well I've had five thousand dollars more do it because of all of the different performance and and things that you need to pull so hopefully in building some of this affordable housing they'll be able to get around some of those regulatory issues and and get get those houses up fast all right thank you very much alright Republicans are crying foul over a bill to allow con convicted felons to serve on juries and pride month wrapped up with protests in several cities including San Francisco were some participants say the whole thing has.

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