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Jake i mean that's a great question. Maybe that's why they went into training camp and preseason with so many receivers because they were hoping one of these guys truly seize that moment. I mean i'll be the first one to throw egg on my face. I believe pressed. The williams was good. Would he have one reception on three catches for two yards. I thought albert. We'll see no. This was his year. You know he was the big playmaker throughout camp. I mean as he that dynamic playmaker was just a flash in the pan it seems like it was a flash payment those two critical drops so You know for a unit that we sat here and you know thought was one of the stronger points jake. I think you're probably closer to right. You know this. This receiving core is probably a bigger issue than we lead on to believe but when you have an offensive line that can't hold up. Maybe we just are expecting too much out of that group so again. I think it's a little bit of everyone that fall here. Jake the question. I have is. No god's he's calling plays now they have co offense coordinators at will point you pull the pull the play calls from him and let studs they'll go out there and hopefully try to write this thing because i mean part of the reason you have those two chefs in the kitchen is so that will one of these guys isn't getting results. I mean again. I don't know who's a fall here could be the offensive line could be a mixture things but at some point. I think we're gonna have to sit here. And say is george godsey. The prompt should we let studs. They'll do some things because This offense has to do better. Jackie say that. I can think about is the fact that we you said you're excited. Mike a sticky. Get more involved than i was too. But he had three catches on six targets and with george godsey called the plays. He's someone use a tight ends coach. I thought for sure this would be a team. That could thrive what the tight ends and we see carter out there playing a lot more sampson. I think we'd like to see. He had one reception for eight yards. But just generally speaking. I felt the tight ends with be a much bigger part of this offense if you're gonna keep twelve. Oh i mean you've got to do something with them. i mean. we can't see a sticky being a guy who just plays like four or five snaps makes four or five plays in his done. This guy needs to be a really big pardons offense especially in the red zone and we didn't see that from god's see i don't know again if it's more that the pressure is To develop but the tight end tight usage. The play calling doesn't seem to be meshing correctly is something that is a little surprising considering godsey history. Yeah i think. I was the one that say no she. He coming back earlier in the week could change things. He'd be that red zone target. I think always saw that shaheen was a couple of minutes blocks in things that are so again egg on my face. Jake this is pretty much. A doom and gloom podcast. So you know maybe we should talk about one of the few posits yesterday. And i know it's crazy to say because you know the bills scored thirty five points but anybody that watched that game saw the dolphins defense fighting tooth and nail to the end of this thing so I guess i just wanna get your overall thoughts on the defense i mean. What did you see that you liked. Maybe what you disliked against buffalo. Yeah josh i mean those first. Two drives were brutal. Do think are. They going to drop fifty six again. But you gotta tip that your cats the miami dolphins defense for how. Well these guys responded josh alad despite scoring thirty five points i mean. I don't think he really had too much fun out there. Outside of those first two drives. He only completed half of his passes. Seventeen for thirty three. So technically not half. But it is what it is exhibited howard continues to be abolished. Josh and overall. I mean they gave up thirty five points. This is a game that that's going to go down in the record books as thirty five. Nothing lost But i don't those last points in the last twenty one points. The dolphins gave up. I really can't blame the dolphins defense. That's that's tape you just throw away. I mean it is kind of what it is. And i mean i think the run defense again besides net huge you know i think devon single terry one on touch almost like fifty yard early in the game after that i mean they. Kind of buckled down. I mean they look solid. They were getting pressure on josh allen. Again it was kind of what we thought we needed them to do. But i mean josh allen darn good and the secondary can't latch down that long. Jake a pf ryan smith again. Guys take pro football focus. You know however you want. Some people love their stuff. Some people you know are very skeptical. But they had andhra van. Gingko has the highest rated defensive player with a ninety one point one zach ceelo right behind him as an eighty six point six exuding howard in eighty two point three giovane holland again had a nice game with the seventy seven point. Five an aircr of the seventy six. So you mentioned saving howard. Jake i mean to me it just against the guy that we were back and forth as a fan base. Should they trade him. Should they do this. This dude is a playmaker. He is all over the field and you know when you need him to to change the game and keep them alive. He did that. Andrew van gingko love to see him out there getting more pass rush reps. don't actually have the snack countless here. But i mean. I thought he was all over the field. Biggest concern was jalen phillips again. Only again eighteen snaps will throw egg on my face. But i think it's closer. Maybe time we put him on a milk. Carton opposed anything else but i think no egg monogamy probably lives on that milk. No oh my god. I bet that's starting to get to be a frustrating situation where you have a first round pick who's inactive the first two games of the second season. Obviously i mean you could say that. The dolphins have so much depth at cornerback that navy. we should have drafted more offensive. Lineman i don't know it's frustrating end to i don't i don't know i if i'm just someone who doesn't close the book quick enough but i'm not ready to completely shut the door Just quite yet jalen phillips. I thought he looked okay against the run. But you're right after i tweeted. That just didn't seem to be doing too much For the team josh. The dolphins did pressure josh allen. Twelve times despite only sacking him once put perspective. The dolphins gave up twenty four pressures. So yikes on that one last note i have about the defense that i actually changed my perspective on. I haven't been a big fan of the numbers switches. Obviously someone covers out of high school sports. I am used to seeing you know. Wide receivers be and all these kind of diverse numbers at the on the football field. I guess i should say but manage of odd holland and that number eight jersey helix awesome obvious successor surefire hanson adults into because that dude always seems to be around the football and he looks like he's Fits in on. The football field is a very very big body yet. You haven't down here for seventy seven percent of snaps. I think last week. He only played thirty. Two percents seeing uptick in that. I mean again. Every time he's on the field. I was point of the baby. Bali you know coming off a you know just casually walks up line perfectly time blades. Stop stopping zach backfield. I mean he's all over the field any reshad jones. We don't want it. Because i don't wanna compare especially someone was rookie but i mean that's like the body to getting the guy bone note the play in the backfield. I mean that's what that opens need. Yeah and i think the biggest difference airs. He's can come down and be that presence in against the wrong. But i mean the way he can go from silent. A silent switches hips. I mean this dude is going to be a stud and jake. I thought you were getting ready for the perfect segue again. Not the thing that you ride around the motorized scooter type thing but you know number eight. We were going to do a jersey giveaway. We don't have the specifics. But i don't know about you man. We were leaning towards jalen phillips. But when i saw two von walk down that icy number eight i mean i think we should giovane holland giveaway. What do you think. I think you're right on. That will have to figure out how we wanna do that. We'll have to get the oral matt later this week. Moral net later this week. Yes so just. I think that pretty much wraps up the dolphins performance. I do have to say i. it's an emotional game. It happens once a week. But i mean the doom and gloom for the weeks after the week afterwards. Starting monday i. It was one game early in the season. it was awful. Everyone's terrible nothing went right. Nobody did anything right but the Of that is odd saying that's not going to happen again. The odds do say that but then again we're dolphin fans of the last one said you know we're gonna we're gonna win a playoff game right. Dodge should say that at some point of.

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