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He described the situation that we're in as a national emergency and that it should be treated as such. He also pledged to always level with the American people about where the administration is with the covert response and that's something tol make note of and bookmark. CBS News Special Report on that pipe and more breaking news this afternoon. Maryland Governor Larry Hogan wants all school districts in the state to start preparing no later than March, 1st to return to a least some in person learning. Let's go live to the newsroom and double D. T. O. P. S. Michelle bash Sean at a press conference that ended just a few minutes ago, The governor was adamant, saying there is no public health reason for school boards to keep students out of schools, He says data have indicated that school re openings Don't increase community spread of covert 19 or hospitalization rates and the state's coronavirus metrics appeared to be played towing, Hogan says. By law. The decision to reopen schools rests with individual school boards, but I want to make it perfectly clear. I will do everything I possibly can do within the law to push to get all of Maryland's Children back into the classrooms, and I call on every leader in the state. To join me. And President Joe Biden. In making this And immediate priority. At the end of the press conference, state schools superintendent carried salmon and several school employees from around the state received their first dose of Corona virus vaccine. Reporting live. Michelle Bash w T. O P. News, Speaking of the vaccine demand for shots is overwhelming. In Montgomery County. That's where seniors have begun to pre register for the few doses available. Montgomery County is not finished vaccinating health care workers yet, but his pre registering some seniors to possibly start getting their shots early next week. County Executive Mark Eldritch vaccinate more than the 19,000 people a week that we're currently vaccinating more than 68,000. Seniors. Ages 75 up have proven Registered for Phase one b Tier one of the state's vaccine plan. So far, the problem is availability. The county says They only receive 7301st doses this week, County health officer Dr Travis Gales as we get them, we are putting them out there. But we have a long way to go. At a hearing earlier this week, it was estimated there were up to 20,000 health Care Workers still needing shots, Valerie Bonked w T. OBY News had on w t o P What's next? In the impeachment of Donald Trump? 3 34. Hi, this is Dave Frosting and so many times the idea of getting a pet is much better than The actual getting the pet full disclosure. I have.

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