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Find out what specific products are identified as the cause consumers should consider bringing all of their italian style meets to one hundred and sixty five degrees famously. The temperature that kills bacteria or the ones in. That's always. They're always like heated up to an internal temperature of one hundred sixty five degrees. And it's like okay. How am i supposed to know that but you know it should never be steamed nor one hundred sixty five degrees cold cuts. So it's shit using up you put salami in the oven. Nowa italians on twitter did not take this news slightly. One person said the government can take mike gaba goal from my cult respect. I don't think. I don't think there's any italian who has ever valued their own health over eating food. Food always comes first so eight. Your cold cuts at your own risk. They did say that you should. You should heat it up to one hundred sixty five degrees or until steaming if you are at high risk for severe some ella illness how would they ever know what risk i am over sixty five. No maybe am. I yes Digestive over sixty five. Absolutely i'm like eighty next a five year. Old kid from virginia became one of the youngest ever to hike the full length of the appellation trail to say hawkeye..

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