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Now. Or is is this just an acquisition to help figure out. If cars the guy for the future, I can't seem to figure out whether they're in a window right now or still working for the future. L? Let's all knowledge what the state is of the raiders defense. You know, they seem it's signing and trading for Antonio Brown. He doesn't help her defense. They are adding Trump around making him the highest payoff into Lyman NFL history with sixty six million dollar contract, including one thirty six million in the first two years fully guaranteed that doesn't help the defense either. But the raiders do want to get this offense in working order or Jon Gruden. You is a lot of things that he probably won't get credit for in a foreign tool season in terms of conceptual, sophistication creativity. You look in the film, and you see what the raiders are trying to do how they were up. You know, you're a cook and trying to get things available or Jordy Nelson. And they're really getting the most out of their personnel. But only took them so far. And so when you have in Tony Brown, and you have protection you are going to get a better look at who. Derek Carr is as a franchise quarterback up. It really I ain't gonna keep up in better form with some of the teams. AFC west the raiders. Although there is speculation that really is based on the media that they're just thinking about Las Vegas back. Not internally were the raiders are thinking they want to be competitive. They wanna write these they own Olympic out of Oakland in two thousand nineteen before their scheduled move to southern Nevada. They really wanted to get seen intra on track as soon as they can. And so it moves and continued moves they're gonna work to get this Rosser in respectable order right now that they're getting offense together with some of these big moves, but defensively would be shocked if they anything at number four overall, maybe this is from a tray, but they stick it number four to anything but add a defensive lineman who's capable of getting after the quarterback cause hearing free agency. Barring the trae like that which is very rare at team isn't going to be able to land a premium edge rusher in for agency. They're just, you know, they get franchise tag to restate it signed long-term of very seldom does one become available. And so the raiders will to develop person with the draft then develop then they hope resign one of those such players that number four overall thirty seconds or less like this team deserves dispel the cash-poor reports and rumors about Mark Davis. And the ownership group why haven't seen his book. I can't tell you from a cash standpoint, if you're going to be fully guaranteeing contracts, you with money in two thousand twenty the way that the raiders did with Trump around, you know, twenty one and a half million dollar salary Johnathan hankins defensive tackle that they signed to cedar extension. You got. Dollars to tied up into full guarantee base ally for two thousand twenty you can't do.

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