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Out of Mosel the battle was personal we're about to meet some fighters who are part and will and lead to swat unit known as the Avengers my co host ari Shapiro picks up the story from here this group has an unusual requirement for its members each of them has either been wounded by or lost a family member to terrorism the reporter bringing us their story is also a rocky he spent months with the Avengers on the front lines witnessing victory and tragedy Sangar Khalil is NPR's fixer which means saying I wanna let you explain how you see your job well my job is on getting permission for journalists and taking them to the frontlines updating the journalists what's what's going on like minute by minute hour by hour to show the world what's going on here in Iraq special in muscle the work that you do friend Pierre and other news organizations is often dangerous and generally behind the scenes so I'm glad to have the opportunity to talk with you here in front of the microphone thank you for the work that you're doing and and also to hear this story now you became very close with members of the swat team while you were working on a story for The New Yorker and kept in touch with three of the men who were like brothers to each other will tell us about these three men I met tally of bus sermon give Raymond cigar shop on their front lines of muscle muscle was the capital of the caliphate at that time because ISIS the clear their caliphate and all of those three guys are from morsel and Sir what is a short guy and I'm a so tough yes cars like a deep scar in his left cheek and I knew was always joking with these guys he was always making fun on them a lady is a big guy with that thick mustache he was so tough and very clever and the fighting in Sigur was one that so many times before the fighting against ISIS on his head down but it was covered by ice cars and cigar and servants wife and children were trapped in the city under Islamic state control last time Sigur so is wife she was pregnant cigar couldn't meet his son ceramide Ali and cigar they were so close to each other they actually had the each other's names tattooed on their hands they have tried to send their hands on this right hand and service left I asked to leave I should joke with the crowd what's the idea of the taxes he said because you know how widely if someone dies he will stay and stick with me down my entire life how dangerous was it I mean you were there on the front lines with them what were the conditions like it was so dangerous because these guys they have like very limited ammunitions and the enemy had car bombs ladies night person they had too.

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