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Rewind the show you can go back you can get on demand stuff I mean it's a great way to listen to the radio I mean you know we're traditionally over the air A. MFM but now streaming it's just magic you can hear any time any place any W. we used to say and speaking of which back in the day at any W. A. L. we did a show called sports connection back in eighty seven and my co host and producer there was a fellow by the name of a Richard so Rony joins us now Rick is the editor of baseball digest they have their spring training preview out now it's available at Barnes and noble and newsstands and now Rick welcome and how you doing Margaret Richard is always great to hear the name the sports connection in those great days that we had back in nineteen eighty seven when we went out to the giants Super Bowl or I did with Dave Jennings and this is before radio row we call that radio corner is just a and the rest is history out everybody is out there Superbowl guide you you know to wage in space at the radio row is difficult these days well let's get to baseball and you know you got your preview issue out and you know the reason I I I always hesitate to make predictions is because things change and that you know especially when you got a publication date you gotta get a magazine on the stands and in the meantime and judges are going to be around you're not gonna have Giancarlo Stanton's Severino is out for the year I still think the Yankees are going to win the AL east but I was Sellin Sweeney I thought well hundred and ten games well I might have to change that prediction now you've got the Yankees win in the east what what what are your second thoughts now after all the injuries yeah well I might have to knock my prediction down to what a hundred and five Windsor you know it's funny it's funny and I guess last year was a precursor I mean I never saw anything like what we saw last year with injuries and they literally did not miss a beat so can that continue I mean they're so deep you look at the Yankees on paper and you know seasons games are not played on paper but I don't think you're gonna find a deeper team if anybody could withstand this they can but at some point it's got to stop I mean coming to have your entire starting projected starting outfield not available for opening day you know at some point it's going to it's going to bite them yeah I had no question about that and you know this is one thing I mean you work for the Yankees for a lot of years and I don't know how much strength and conditioning you got involved with probably not too much but you know they they they turned over there is there medical staff strength and conditioning people I got a bunch of new guys in there and yet you know the first couple of weeks you know yes Stanton judge Severino now we hear there's you know Pakistan of course no worries Sanchez has back issues in in you were around and back in the day when players just gonna play games and didn't seem to have all these injuries what's what do you think is behind it well I I think to working out it is far greater today than it was I mean when I was there from ninety six to two thousand six but we certainly did have you know weight training and we had a strength and conditioning coach and and things like that but it's it's far reader today is far much greater emphasis on it in the offseason and you know today that the players never stop it's almost three I took two weeks off and then I got right back at it I think that has a lot to do with it I'll tell you a lot of the injuries this year if the date back to last year they're they're really not new injuries and I think one of the reasons we may be hearing about them now or they may be developing maybe is the transition in the Yankees medical and then training department you know you have new people they may not have been privy to what was going on and it might have gotten lost in the in the transition I mean you gotta think I mean judges don't this discomfort in the off season we find about it here in March I mean wow that's a little puzzling especially with a broken rib because you know with traditionally broken ribs there's not much you can do about it except restoration let it heal on its own and doing all the work outs and everything else may have aggravated and may necessitate surgery which might not come out for most of the year so that's I mean that's worst case scenario openness doesn't come to that but you know the other part of it is now we're we're hearing that maybe he wasn't as forthcoming as you might be because he's a tough guy and played through it you know we got hurt in September and played through the playoffs and everything I mean you know isn't it crazy communicator how do you get players to tell you Hey this is bothering me skip because they traditionally are pretty stoic about things like that well I mean I could certainly knowing Brian Cashman the way I do I do you know he made it clear to all of his players that you know we feel to be honest with us tell us what's going on in a you know I just have to take this for what for whatever his reason in the offseason Aaron judge just didn't do that I I can't believe that he did not feel any of this discomfort he certainly was a working out taking swings in the offseason I mean you know he and you have a brand new year brand new camp here comes the players they do they're opening their press conference and they never step on the field I mean that's got to be really frustrating for Brian I can assure you of that yeah and and I tend to agree with the I think back in the day when guys would you know just gain weight in the offseason and not do a whole lot and you know virtually whip themselves into shape in spring training I'm not saying that you know put on a beer belly of ten pounds but you know maybe just this this three sixty five you know seven day a week workout regimen your body needs to rest after a hundred and sixty two plus games yeah but I will tell you Richard in the years to ten year eleven year period I was there starting in ninety six I mean we had plenty of guys that think of Derek Jeter dory pasada they got right back at it I mean so it's not like in those days twenty years ago ten years ago fifteen years ago you know guys were going out and you're working another job in the offseason or playing whatever they were doing they were getting back at it pretty quick maybe not as quick as today and maybe not you know what to the degree that they are today I mean these guys work all year old it's almost at their bodies are so pardon you did something is bound to tweak you know to get tweaked so it is different today and I think that the teams and players are going to have to look at it because you know one of the I just think one of the shoe station baseball today is they've got to keep their stars on the field I mean the game you know the entertainment dollars dollars is so fragile you know today I just think that you cannot afford to lose your star players and they've got to look at ways that you know what are we doing what are we doing right what are we doing wrong and keep the players on the field yeah I don't think there's any question about that Rick Cerone is with us senator baseball digest the twenty twenty MLB season preview issue is out now and it takes all the teams and all the rosters and everything else that you need to know as the season is about to begin and March twenty six I think it's it's less than three weeks away Ricky I mean it's it's really amazing how how how close we are and how short it seems is spring training is now well as we get older everything goes faster but spring training seems to be flying by okay a we actually stop the presses with this issue literally stop the presses to accommodate the Mookie Betts David price trade so we've got it in there on the Dodgers page you know David price and Mookie Betts or Dodgers and Alex were do goes there is a red Sox so it's it's pretty much up to date and we just got to keep these big players on the field well in in key players with the same team here's the other thing that goes on in the Mookie Betts you thought okay great kid M. V. P. I mean you should be with this team for a life and a a team as wealthy as the Boston Red Sox basically decided Hey we can't afford to keep this guy there's something wrong there isn't well yeah there is if you're if they clearly wanted to and felt like that he was the face of the franchise and they needed to keep them because they weren't able to do that I mean you've got it it's amazing how quickly things change in sports today I mean two years ago the red Sox were world champions you know they didn't even get through the next season before they fired their GM Dave Dombrowski I know what happened Alex Cora that's so that's a whole different matter but you go from being on top of the world I remember going to spring training last season you know there's Dave Dombrowski congratulations are you think it's going to be a great year guys start going down contracts then look bad I mean the price contract well you know financial point of view was a terrible contract it looks like the sales the sale contract is not a good contract plus the other people that they're paying you know yeah Mookie Betts was not going to stay with the Boston Red Sox because they were not going to be able to put the money up that some other team was going to be able to do so I went out and made the best deal they could which I don't think was a great deal but it got you know we gave him some payroll flexibility moving forward but yeah these are dangerous things but when you when you're paying players what team you're paying players you're going to get painted into a corner and then you've got a situation I mean Severino Hicks we're we're giving very team friendly contracts at Siemens cash we got a lot of credit for doing that but if you look at the amount of time these guys have spent on the bench not playing baseball maybe those contracts weren't so good and how do you how do you know that well you don't know what are you you've you know everybody gets up there and they have the great press conference and always work right with the world when the Phillies on Bryce Harper and the Padres Manny Machado in the angels you know Mike trout but now you've got a weight on your payroll so the eastern these players better be performed for the period that period of time or you're going to end up you know with the David price where you've got to move somebody in and take a good part of the money like the Marlins date with June Carl Stanton luckily the Yankees were there you know to pick up the bulk of that contract I'll tell you right now I know the Yankees wish they hadn't looking back they wish they hadn't done it they may tell you differently but I believe they would like to have that one back no I don't think there's any question about that in and yet at the time it was like a gift card you're getting the reigning MVP of the National League and you're given up Starlin Castro and some some prospects wow what a deal and yet look at it and then the Marlins even kick money cell well your ownership offer you can't refuse you're already seeing some other the results of that because you know they they didn't opt to sign Didi Gregorius which would have been I think a relatively reasonable contracting going forward when you have the judges the Sanchez a Severino you know god willing they stay healthy somebody's going to pay the price of not being able to get the Yankee dollars because the inflammation they can't all get it you know you can have five guys making thirty million so that's just the job of the GM why they pay the GM so much and you know listen take me a few service has go to GM as there is in the game so you know I'd be pretty comfortable for the Yankee fans but obviously there's going to be decisions that have to be made and whether players can stay on the field or not it's gonna be a big part of that decision yeah well Aaron judge is a prime example now you know you still have them for a lot less money than he is worth when he's on the field but the then extend him a long term contract knowing.

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