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On South Africa's streets. We talked to the Texan woman trying to offer schooling to the migrant Children crossing the U. S border with Mexico. BBC News with more Alderson US Police in the Minneapolis suburb of Brooklyn Center have used pepper spray and fired flash bombs that demonstrators protesting for a third night after a young, unarmed black man was shot dead by a white police officer. Earlier, grieving relatives of Dante right were embraced by family members of George Floyd, another black man who died last year as he was being held down by a white police officer. U. S special climate Envoy John Kerry is due to become the Biden administration's first senior official to visit China today. Mr Kerry has said that despite current political tensions between Washington and Beijing Climate issue must stand alone on unofficial delegation of former US officials is being sent to Taiwan by President Biden, in a signal of support for the island as it faces increasingly hostile moves by China, Chinese fighter jets and nuclear capable bombers have regularly breached Taiwan's air defense zone. United States is to withdraw all of its troops from Afghanistan by the 11th of September, the 20th anniversary of the 9 11 attacks by al Qaida. The Trump administration had planned to finish the pull out by the end of this month, but the deadline has receded as Taliban violence continues. Former U. N climate chief has suggested it may be necessary to delay an important global warming conference that is due to take place in Britain later this year. You vote aboard told the BBC that the ongoing Corona virus pandemic may make it prudent to further delay the meeting due to take place in Glasgow. Third actor from the hit Australian soap opera neighbors has gone public with allegations of racism. In a statement on her Facebook page, Sharon Jay Howell says she experienced what she describes as direct, indirect and casual racism from some cast members. That's the latest BBC news. Thank you for the latest. Hello. Welcome back. This is news day with Carney and Lawrence. We're gonna be taking into Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya on the US border with Mexico as well. Big sports news to Bayern Munich title defense. The Champions League is over. They go out despite winning in Paris and Chelsea loser home, But go through to the semi is James Craig will be untangling all the details and reaction A little later. In the are sports news. Yes, that start in Nigeria, where there's been a sharp rise in mass kidnappings but off students by criminal gangs in recent months more than 800 students. Have been abducted since December. Most of them have been released after negotiations.

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