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Duran Duran ish in there. Absolutely. Yeah. That was an album. I don't remember much of of is called flesh and blood, and I used to say about Bryan ferry that he was one of the classiest man rock he was kinda like Bowie. Anyway, he was he was always very dapperly-dressed and good for them forgetting inducted into the rock Mulhall fame. They deserve. Yeah. A great band as well. If you. Yeah. To listen to their deep cuts is is well worth the time. What was it like did you get to interact with Boeing much when you're in that video? You know, funny story. So I was one of the sort of primary there was a group of six dancer types. But we would sort of the the glue in the video we were at a club a dance club in the Upper West side of New York doing that day shoot. And we had this real strange modern choreography that the the choreography taught it's David Bowie invented these moves if you go back watch the video so we're supposed to just improv which was weird for me. I wouldn't really a dancer, but she said just we're gonna roll and y'all improv. So we're hit some other real dancers who were doing these goofy improv modern moves, and I was kind of embarrassed. So my improv move was just to stand there. Like a statue could not move. So Alan guard. I caught Bowie over on the side watching, and I just was like deer in the headlight. I came off of the set after they cut was trying to get a word in edgewise. But all the extras, we're trying to take a phantom the funny I came over and said, you know, I just a huge fan of yours. He said good job make like holy cow. Good job. Few years later. I was the Los Angeles taken an acting class and his wife Iman was in the class, and I had to do with seen with Iman. I said, you know, I was in your your husband's video for fashion, and she was she was kind of highly unimpressed. No, no, I was really into video. I got to know g e Smith from that shooter. We kind of were friends later, and I got to watch him play with everybody on the planet. So I don't know it was it was funny for me to be in a video in three months later MTV explodes. So that is great. Let me throw another deep cut. I'm a big fan of Pat Benetton, and people know her head's a hit me with your best shot. Love is a battlefield. But they may not have heard this song from Pat Benetton. So what I've learned to appreciate in my later years listening to your.

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