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Them did not come through actual, you know, border crossings either, you know, coming across in the unguarded sections presenting themselves at the border fence like we've seen recently or see or doing the asylum process at ports of entry those people who came here on visas like travel visas student visas other things like that. And then when those expired didn't leave, and that's that's a good chunk of what we see in the overall situation here. But I don't think that your numbers are correct. Their specific in front of me here, but we have pre. Obviously spoken with you know, members of, you know, like, the the awesome migra Reichert refugee service, the the hope border institute, and it's not as simple as a process that they can't just show up say, I'm in fear for my life. I need to stay here and be released again that credible fears here he gives a bit more involved in that making sure that it's not just someone again who is just checking a box. But that there are actually reason that's going to detail prevent documentation that they may or if they have any and go through that kind of thing. So I think that there might be a definitely difference in how people that say from from Wallace. Or would that definitely that's definitely probably something that is different in how it's handled. But I think that overall it's something that's it's a bit more complex. I know. That's a gentle thought of that may have been how previously worked, but our situation now is definitely a little bit different and evolving their, but yes, I think that's if your if your guy that you were talking with his interested in here, come to the US, India's those kind of same fears there might be. Programs available or ways he could try to do things. But I think that's I think that it's less simple than you may think based on what we've talked to the people we've heard from previously or involved in dealing with the people who are involved in these situations. Now, how many people actually show up? I think that it's this process is actually a pretty good number because this is their legal process. This is what they're seeking to do. And hoping that they can actually be allowed to stay through that asylum process is opposed to someone coming through and even find a job and avoid any kind of legal involvement. We we'd have to take a quick break here. So thank you very much for the call. And again, the lines are still open. We'll be getting to more of your calls here. We're please consider supporting Joe Gibbs.

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