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Wives. Submit yourself to your own husbands as to our mr because husband is the head. I'm the features but why still remember to do that. Might have been inspired case relations five. Sorry about that verse. Twenty two but the fruit of the spirit is love. Very i won. The heart of these fruits love joy. Peace patience kindness. Goodness faith meekness self control against such things. There is no instruction but the ones belonging to messiah crucified the flesh with its passions and love. Let us therefore live by spirits. Spirits and surrender to the spirit if we are surrendering to the holy spirit and every in everything these characteristics. We'll be manifest in our life. You know i've said this before. But the word hypocrite means after it's a latin word hypocrite means actor. Real a part you would true spirit led ambassador of galloway or you enactor hypocrite. Don't need to answer the question because their fruits. You will know them. We can't fully away list verse. I want to leave his first john three verse eighteen. My little children let us not love in word or in tongue but indeed and in truth. I love the scripture by their fruits. You'll know them. Praise your way. Let us all their grapefruit. Let us so in love and may the spirit. Y'all spirit of love full upon all of us in the way that we've never had in our life and may we grow in that love everyday life. Yeah we bless..

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