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Okay. I'm glad we got that all the way. Parts Lort, how are you? Girl? Wonderful. How are you? Like that's a good song. I feel like screen tired today. Do you know what I mean? Yeah, just tired of looking at the screen. Yeah. Maybe it's just because it's Monday. Yeah. I think as a lot to do with it. Oh my God, so. This story Liz. Yeah first off. Have you seen Conjuring 2 Conjuring 2 I think so. Is there anyone about I don't know tell me it's the one where they go to it's in a house and she got four kids and one of the kids is like basically being bullied by Ghost and then it's the one it's got well in the movie. It's got off camera. what's her name the medium team yeah yeah okay what is her name Shirley or something like that and really talked about them last episode yeah yeah I know that's what I wanted to say and then I was like maybe that's not it so this is the one where there's like a tree in the lake no that's the first one that's the first one okay, this one is a whole separate case and they the way they do it is there it's in that movie they're saying it's related to like what made her take like her sabbatical before the first movie oh okay I think I have seen it off But this came out a little while ago, right? Yeah. Okay, I know for sure. I saw the first one so I'm fairly certain. I probably saw the second one too. Okay. I'm sure once I get into this will probably be like, oh, yeah, but Lorraine Warren in the rain rain Yes Lorraine, and I said yes, why was that so hard off the price? But yeah, so this one's the one that's like her story. Sort of but here's the thing and I don't think I knew this when I was going into it. Apparently they didn't even go out to this case. Oh, really? Yeah in real life like this. This was an actual case but like Lorraine and Ed were not they were like, no this one's too extreme. Well, I mean no choice to get cold out to it. Oh, okay. Okay. It was some other people Interesting, but okay, so I guess we'll get into it. Oh, yeah. Spooktacular, oh my gosh. Let's just jump in. Let's jump in to this spooky scary tale. Okay. So we begin in nineteen seventy-seven back in a little town called Enfield London. Okay. Okay. So we're across the pond. We are across the pond and because of that you're probably going to hear me do a lot of really terrible British accents. I love it. I'm here for that. Ye on top of that. I'm not really sure if I pronounce the name right of the town, but I think I've heard it said in field. So I mean that's how it's spelled. So yeah, I would assume as well but I don't know if it's like unveiled or like you know, that's your prestigious. Yeah, but because we're from America we're going to go with Enfield. I love it. So we're sitting in this Tiny Town. And we are going to visit our friends the Hodgson family. Okay? Okay. I've got Mom Peggy Hodgson who is in fact a single mom of four which at the time seemed like pretty weird, you know to be a single mother. Yeah. I mean, I guess divorce was still not like a big thing back then that's okay, especially in London, I guess so she was risky to the people of London. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. So it was just a weird thing to see her four children included Margaret who was twelve at the time Janet who was eleven Johnny who was ten and Billy who was seven so we got our two girls and two boys easy to keep up with exactly. They're all living their lives having a grand old time in this cute little like looks like a townhouse kind of thing. It's like wage one of those connected houses where it's like there's a few houses in one unit yeah I know exactly which yeah so this cute guy cute little garden gnome whatever they're living their lives then the evening of August 30th 1977 rolls around okay oh Peggy as wage most likely stressed out mother is it trying to get her kids to go to bed she's like guys I gotta wake up I got to go to work tomorrow y'all gotta go to school tomorrow let's get to bed so she's downstairs doing some gift bad stuff and she heard Janet the eleven-year-old saying from upstairs that her and her brothers beds were like wobbling what yeah wobbling wobbling oh baby.

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