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To imagine different presence and to imagine different futures and not only to imagine them, but actually tried to make them while when it unfolds in space is going to look like a shooting star it will orbit planet or for three months before it will collapse into the atmosphere. And so let's hope the clouds clear, so we can see it at night someday. Eventually reflective raucous failed to launch themselves though in their season opener as they fell to the New Orleans. Pelicans one thirty one one twelve game you heard right here on KTAR h ahead to L A next. And you're going to hear that game again that Saturday night here on KTAR, h I'm sheriff Ryan Houston's news, weather and traffic station. Newsradio seven forty KTAR h moving slowly under the be someone graffiti bridge, spray paint, your own alternate routes, every ten minutes on the tens, you know, just because you're dead doesn't mean you can't win an election in that the truth. Seventeen year in Houston's morning news. This is for real that. I'm not just making a joke. Here Nevada voters evidently are getting ready to elect Dennis Hof the recently deceased, owner of the cat house. Nevada's moonlite bunny ranch houses of ill repute is. We used to say perfectly legal, by the way in Nevada. He was running for the state legislature. The elections coming up in a couple of weeks officials in the silver state Sates too late to change with Brennan belts since they're already been mailed out too early voters, but notices of his passing will be posted at the polls. But they still expect him to win the still think he's going to win. So I guess they're gonna have to point somebody. Yeah. They do it was that tells about his opponent that the people would rather like somebody who's doing. Well, he was GOP. And that's a heavy Trump district apparently is. Yeah. So I guess you have to vote for the democrat. If you don't vote for the dead guy. He was running now typically has been dead people voting people running maybe dead people will vote for the guy. Eleven time for traffic and weather together. Let's.

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