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Governor Hi Mabel Nia Valadez to keep advocating on behalf of our mega region. Together, we will create efficiencies at the border as well as improved the quality of life in our border community. We're advocating for the completion of the new port of entry known as O Tie Mesa East. This crossing will improve the commercial movement of goods, services and passengers to boost economic growth on both sides of the border. Our relationship. Our relationship with Baja is about so much more than trade. It's about people in two countries who are one family. For a lot of San Diegans going back and forth at the world's busiest land border crossing isn't a novelty. It's just something they do to go to work or see family. For many of us the border isn't seen as a dividing line. It's a bridge that joins our two vibrant cultures. Here. We share ideas, values and friendships. We will live up to our commitment to being a welcoming city by taking bold actions and speaking up on behalf of new San Diegans, who come from all corners of the world. I am proud to partner with City Council member Vivian Marino on a proposed resolution to reverse federal policies that prioritized border wall construction and limited legal immigration. With the support of the City Council and in collaboration with the new presidential administration. We can repair the damage done to the environment and sacred tribal lands. Why would create a more inclusive society? Having a city that is welcoming, for all means having pathways for everyone to succeed. Pathways.

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