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Bob confirmed cases fatality. Point to the actual number of deaths. Well it's point two percents more than one. I heard one. I read one today. That Saint Cancer Article Twenty one in the UK. The died and they. They ran with that story a couple of weeks ago. It was all over. The place is twenty one year. Old Girls. Looks like a healthy girl. Whatever she was this one did a story any a week later The medical examiner was like. I don't know why you're reporting that. She didn't occur. Virus like knowing knowing said the run. Avars there was a A New York Post story about a twenty year old. Who DIED OFF? This made me fucking furious. That is so the headline was something like twenty year old. Thought he didn't have to worry about corona arrests fighting for his life and then is like the ninth paragraph of the article. They let you know that he had leukemia. Yeah you fucking sons of bitches like why would you lead with that headline? I'm sure you can find the one case of the eighteen year old kid who was seemingly healthy indict more than likely or something more of the story. I guess what regardless? Look once in a while seventy kids you know plays. He's playing football and classes in a heart attack and dies. That's crazy educated. This is Donna heart attacks but they do once in a while and it sounds tragic. But it's not. It's not something seventeen year. Old Kids should be worrying about playing football and being active and being doing sports in accelerating your heart. Rate is positive. It's only a positive but it's also why aren't these journalists doing their fucking jobs every with the second these models were fucking this wildly off. It's like every like MSNBC CNN. They should be saying like is there should have been doing their job from day. One or day one. There was a way to position. This where you wouldn't get people to Freak Out. And the reason the media does is because fear sells people will keep on fucking clicking if they have something to be afraid of they do. The numbers did if they've big fucking red scaring letters in there and it's like warning this is going on people are going to tune in and they're gonNA watch it they're competing with fucking competing with the Rock and they're competing with fucking you know action movies and the avengers. The News can't compete unless they fucking sell people on radio here. Mike have the courage to say. These models are fucking wrong and there needs to be an answer for it and the answer. Can't be like little outright fucking lies that it's like well it's because we did such a good job social distancing. No that was in the model. Explain why these are so fucking wrong if they are so fucking wrong. Should we be asking the question? Did we do the right thing here? And we admit that I'm right. Can we just do this today? Just one show guy who is not gonNA make the papers dude j. f. gave please give me this just please would never wants. What is it that you think you were right about? Everyone knows everyone. Listening around Lewis from for abortion. It's possibly boat. I propose everything we're saying right now. I've been saying for a month. You said that we wouldn't be talking about that. I was wrong about your net is a strong. It's always talked about tonight wrong. It's the most wrong thing. Everybody should have been talking about. I'm asking you said first off. Okay another thing you were wrong about. You said we will have skiing festival. Said we won't be talking about this. The biggest thing in the day making a wrong dave find Dave Dave. What do you want me to say? What were you write about and say? Hey you were right. You've been talking about a lot of these things for a while now and you were right. You've been talking about a lot of things for a while now and some of them. You're right about kids got some nice. That's a nice guy's that's a nice kid. It's nice to meet in the middle prouty both I do. I agree with you that I do think that it does look like now. I mean I I I home. It's I do think I do. Think it looks like That FALCON. It's not nearly as bad as people thought it was great and I said it makes sense like I'm like happy to hear that the only thing I ever say about is like who knows what would have happened. I I guess we do. I guess it would be like the medical facts from December January. Do you know what I mean because like all we know now that you're tracking it again. If you tracked daily the deaths of anything that kills tens of thousands of people a year we already. We took action. That has a fucking horrific impact on people's lives. Sure you met with this bullshit attitude of like well you know it. Isn't it better to be safe? We weren't safe. We actively did something incredibly fucking harmful in the hopes that it would be better than the alternative based on these models and the models are wrong. So it's like why? Why aren't we fucking ain't wire more people? Object should be furious that paper. They really should be questioning it. I mean and it's like they just default to like well you know it could have been worse. I mean it's like you fucked up a lot of people's lives very long time. You think it's impossible to this gets to like higher than the projecting it is now it could it very well could and then. I'll shut the fuck up and I'll say I was wrong but it's like I don't feel like I'm airing on on any kind of side of like putting anyone in danger by saying objectively. We should be asking these fucking questions. Sure well then the other thing. The other thing too is that okay. So if the fucking if the social distancing was the key to it right and if like because there's been some like Montlake In a in Iceland the of the people they tested and they tested a pretty high percentage of their population was like fifty percent. Were a symptomatic. And if that's the case and it's just gonNA spread as soon as we open the economy. Anyway then it also might be a situation where like if it's GonNa spread and do this damage anyway. Then the fuck was the point of putting thirty million people out of work and shutting down one to two million fucking small businesses. I mean like listen. I'm saying we did a major thing here in the onus is on them to show that it was worth it would it would suck to find out that like the numbers would be similar if you told people like. Hey if you think it makes sense makes you know to wear gloves and a mask when you go hit the subways and the same thing and people wouldn't people some wooden someone who felt sick would pay a little more attention to like not bringing that around people everybody. There is no voice for the people that are have the most a negative impact. This decision. The media class does not have to worry about fucking staying at home. They can all do their jobs remotely. Yeah Yeah and nobody in in fucking government has to worry about losing. Fuck job over this. The government's GonNa grow the financial sector is gonNA grow media will probably be you know. Stay minutes like floors of framing guy. It's framing shop right back to the fuck it. It's the same thing as the celebrities except it's like slightly less tone-deaf in a little bit more self aware to say like it's rough and it sucks in. These people lost their jobs. That we gotta stay home and it's like well. They're going to stay home and they're gonNA fucking kill themselves. You know you're going to stay home and fucking overdose on federal now. And that's the kind of excitement you can catch every week on the town. Everybody it's come with Nick. Show has been that bad since losing my fucking mind though Nick. Thank you so much for hanging out with this man it's It's been too long brother. I mean it's literally good to just fucking hang out absolutely. Thank you so much ringing. Checkout come town podcast Lewis. I love you. I love you buddy fun time. Do you listen to the show? Thanks for supporting the fucking network of subscribing to leave us a five star ranking positive review youtube all that other shit share the Xiao. Tell some friends about legion. Skanks always helps the show grow We love you guys. Thanks so much. You're listening to the LEGAL SCAMS PODCAST WITH J. O. Kherson relieve up on funding of a shepherd of shit hits. Luis Gomez was J Gomez. Took me on a break? Your fucking jaw. I WANNA punching in your fucking nose male punt a magic in his fucking and Comedian Dean Smith. Fuck you I got up. I feel like if I wanted to be gay. Fucking stick your fists up your ass. You blew the Legion of skanks podcast. Yo Ding-dong we're done here time to go..

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