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It's so good it's so convincing. Thank you check it out right kate. We're going to get to know you a little bit better in a moment for a few of the things we're talking about really kick it off. Maybe with quentin tarantino. This is a silly little story. But i think explains a lot about america a lot. What to so. We'll talk about that. We'll talk about this that most wonderful time of the year when we return to school and just check in with america house. How's that going We'll talk about caitlyn. Jenner's run for california governor. Jerry serious run. Jack very seriously say that very serious. Sorry i didn't mean to. You know not not put that disclaimer in there. Yeah yeah we will talk about the eviction ban and rent relief programs and why that you're so damn complicated by design and before we get to know her guests just a little bit better a mile. We have to tell the listeners about august twenty fifth six. Pm pacific pm eastern were bringing you the year. Two thousand speaking of pre-nine eleven talk in the year. Two thousand We're doing the zeitgeist. You come for the daily like we're giving you the entire year. Two thousand zeitgeist in a live streaming audio visual interactive extravaganza. Yes hop in the chat. Talk with us. Talk with our special guests criss cross often who will be there with his time. Traveler takes from the year. Two thousand. yeah and again. It's going to be going. There will be a little chat window. We'll get to talk to y'all it'll be more than just a one way street a two way street if you uh get your tickets at moment. House dot com slash the daily zeitgeist to get your tickets. And if you're working like we've said a hundred times before there is a video on demand options eka watch it at your leisure. But you gotta get a ticket and that link will be in the footnotes for just in case you know and we'll share notes. Check out the handles check social. We'll have look at the description of this episode and you can find the link right there. All right kate. Hello sorry for all of that. Black people do now. I needed to know. I needed to hear that saying yes Other than just searching for our live show after you just hurt us. Tease it right there. What is something from your search history. Okay so i just had to check. I couldn't remember and i looked and it was. It was craigslist electric scooter. 'cause i really wanna buy lake. I want someone to have stolen a lime or a bird scooter and like converted it so that. It's no longer like you know an app scooter and i want to buy it from someone on craigslist. I wanna do a shady scooter deal. I don't wanna be the one to convert the the stolen scooter. But i want to buy like a stolen property right by like a swollen app. Scooter of craig list so bad. I really wanted. I wanna like zip around echo park in like a in like one of these scooters. But i don't wanna have i want like just by it. The work done operated scooter love. Yeah there have been no. There's nothing like that. There has to be there there definitely has to be. I didn't. I didn't search that hard. It's still a journey. I want for listening to this. And you live in la please. I will buy the scooter from you. I want one wink wink. You know a i'll by allegedly allegedly al. I'll take it off your hands to repair it myself and then return it to the rightful owner. Obviously because i'm and now i'm not even trying carts. I'm just openly doing crimes on this podcast. Not even trying to hide it. That's what we're here for. Nobody listens to it. I saw catalytic converters that i steal off cars on the phone but no link for that too. But that's the. I'd imagine if you're looking for wanna you would go to like a scooter like an e. Scooter repair place. His like nineties movie or ours. Like eight millimeter. And you're like how. Do i fucking get down like i. You gotta get an orbit of the scene and then from there be like who the shadiest cats you know rick and then rick probably then rick leads you to like those lines. Like he's like have a first gen lime scooter. If you're looking for it yes. I need a guy like that like i feel like there's a guy There's got to be a guy on my block that does that. I just have to uh or if you work for the company let us know how to just make ourselves. You know is there are some tracking chip in there. I'm sure there is this how they find insane alum in front of the metro station. But you know. What are the secrets here. Yeah yeah. I like the idea of somebody just trying to open their own like one. Scooter like an indie taxicab company. Just a shady indie scooter or use mine okay. How about this kate. Would you buy one if someone it's at. It's an above board scooter. But it's meant to look. They got all the body pieces on it so. It looks exactly like an app scooter. But it's actually above board not stolen and you can do whatever you want with it honestly like. That's what i was expecting to find. I just think it'd be funny to find someone that likes stolen and spray painted it black or something like but like i actually genuinely just want an electric scooter. I would do it above board of course bread but then the tony bonus if it looks like one of the the app ones but let me just like i i live. I live on a hill. And i mike so sick of like walking up and down it and i might would love just like a little help. You know exactly. I feel like that would be not only a very commonly stolen a piece of property. But i feel like the police wouldn't even blame the people after they stole them. If you had a private scooter that looked exactly like a line. Scooter and somebody came through took it. They'd be like well that's the problem. Kinda have cut him a break on the. That's pretty funny. I love that idea. What is something you think is over overrated summer. I'm over it. I'm done mall following. Its fall it is fall. But i'm over like it being hot. I don't have a see right now. it's a mess. And i'm over it. I know this is like this is a basic answer. But i'm done. I'm done with summer right. I mean because last time you were here we were like the end of april. So i feel like we had is. It was like the vaccine. Optimism was up. Everyone's like ooh 'cause it's stuck and we're ready to go out there and now did you go. Did you have a bit of a like. Were you feeling hot vac summer and then you'll off this shit fuck it. It's all fucked up. i went. I went so hard. Like i was so strict during like most of the pandemic and then as soon as i got facts i went so hard i was like i went to vegas. I went to catalina island. I like went on trips with friends. I like went like dancing without a mask inside and packed. Like clubs like I you know. I went super hard to that one. I didn't go to the i went. I would dance at akbar lot. And then i went to like some warehouse party that i paid twenty five dollars for that was that was like not worth it but it was fun right right. Clean the lcd soundsystem song or that's a part. That's the party got. It used.

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