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By Pella Austen calm Governor. Abbott orders an end to the additional $300 per week federal unemployment benefits, he says. The economy is booming, and there's a high level of fraud in the system. James Bernsen with the Texas Workforce Commission says Texas has 60% more job openings now than before the pandemic. We have 837,300 D a job openings. That's as many job openings as people are who are currently on unemployment, who are looking for jobs. Nearly 45% of the jobs posted offer wages higher than $15 an hour. The Texas House and Senate will try to overcome their differences on the election reform bill. The Senate bill would limit the number of polling places and voting hours and enhance the power of poll watchers and put restrictions on those assisting voters. In the Texas House added 18 amendments that didn't sit well with Bill's author, Senator Bryan Hughes in the House made some significant changes The bill, We don't need to do some work in conference, so I move that the senator refused to concur and request the appointment of the Conference committee. Whatever the committee comes up with, we'll again need to be passed by the State House and Senate before Governor Abbott could sign it into law. Chris Fox NEWS radio K LBJ, Austin's Watershed department is working to clear out homeless camps that may be at risk of dangerous flaw. Lighting, assistant watershed director Jose Guerrero tells CBS Austin. They've encountered quite a few campers in high risk areas, channels, waterways, culverts, bridges, fight systems, water quality palm facilities, he says. Crews are now actively issuing warnings to people they find camping near one of those areas or for Leaving personal belongings behind that could get washed away. 28. Senate Democrats want President Biden to doom or to stop the fighting in Israel. In a call with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the White House says President Biden expressed support for a ceasefire but did not demand one in administration official says that was intentional. Made a White House determination to bag Israel's right to self defense spokeswoman Jen Psaki says the administration's moving behind the scenes to end the violence through quiet intensive diplomacy, but it's under pressure to respond more forcefully. Dozens of Democrats are calling for an immediate cease fire. Top Senate Republican Mitch McConnell says that creates the false narrative that the two sides are legitimate combatants. When they're actually an independent state trying to defend itself against terrorists. What non from soccer Megane Washington 7 33. Here's Austin's on Time Traffic.

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