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Earlier generation of women who would have been so profoundly ashamed even to admit that they had professional ambitions that would have led them to curry the favour of a powerful man and so in a interesting way the socalled post feminist generation has moved this conversation in a more open way than anyone might have ever predicted the least thing one would expect in some ways of me i love a little you frame that you're absolutely right the fact that women are recognising that they have shared this history has really been brought to the fore i think ironically by the fact we have donald trump in the white house that is the behaviors that he is exhibited in that people are now identifying in journalism in entertainment in academia in all the professions are ones that women understand as i said from the very beginning women got don donald trump before anybody else or before men did because we had all worked with donald trump you don't many people thought this kinda came to a head uh during the campaign last year you know everyone remembers upshur with grave vividness trump candidate trump and the infamous 2005 access hollywood tape which comes at right in the fall of last year he brags about grabbing women many thought that was it that was the end of the campaign that over a dozen women come forward accused trump of unwanted touching kissing groping trump responded like this every woman lied when they came forward to hurt my campaign.

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