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Aaron gold greens here nice only make what a phone for that one voice talent it forget about it I am responding madly yes but I like to do don't forget to have your frosted lucky charms to start off Tuesday St Patrick's day maybe instead of milk use a little Guinness can't go wrong with that some bangers and mash and then mid day I think maybe you could do some shepherd's pie that's always good can't go wrong with that core beef and cabbage some Guinness and Irish whiskey and then just take it all the way to dinner call an uber or left do not drive yourself and we are continuing with Saint Patrick's day Irish whiskey tasting maneuvers Samadi a Dave we've got Danny joining us Samadi a Dave we have just finished the two tool more dues love that single malt fourteen but we haven't tried that yet now we're going to do right now that's right okay so I got this the fourteen year old is actually been finished in port cask Bourbon casks Madeira cask in oloroso sherry casks so forecasts correct yes wow of those you're going to get some zesty citrus grilled pineapple you know the flavor profiles and big big creamy malt with loads of Allah for all those different Charles it's gonna be right sweet hints approach apple all right let me take a step now what that is I got some major label on the taste buds yeah that jumps out a lot of fire lot of sizzle lot of spice lot of fruitiness a lot of you can definitely taste the open the sherry this thing just pops you know this is something you know a lot of women might not enjoy whiskey because it's too dryer did but they like to say is better this would fit their palette perfectly well I'd watered down a bit I notice little I use that phone actually I would just put some branch of water in here to cut it a little bit because it's got a lot of sizzle just radar to watch for most women even for some men but it is very fruity and very flavorful suggested retail you're looking at about a fifty two dollar bottle art so definitely more expensive now we're going to go into the Middleton single pot still Irish whiskey berry Crockett legacy and it says as custodians of the legendary Middleton style for over three decades how fitting it is that the first ongoing bottling of a pot still whiskey are the Middleton name pays tribute to our master distiller E. Crockett no relation to Davy Crockett all right so somebody Dave if your poor little bitty or forming their just got got it right there for me you're going to get it hello again the Roma of the Nell and toasted oak and it's gonna be complemented by a touchline succulent green berries pears in green sweet peppers this is nice this is really nice yeah it is great flavor wow I'm definitely getting some sweet most apple right on the nose yeah great apple green apple for sure all say cheers take a sip here and this is the Midleton very receive a bottle of wartime legacy yeah Barry Crockett legacy mmhm very tasty all this is beautiful this is an incredibly smooth it sure is it's smooth it's tame with just a hint of pepper spice note yet just as beautiful I give us a five star selection as well he is down this is very good yeah it is in the beauty of this is with the you get that little bit of the novel you know that it stands up what are we looking at cost wise I believe it's around fifty dollars a bottle worth it Danielle yes Sir you got to add this to your tiki bar and hands down that's coming on the market that I have not been invited to have not visit just just just to let you know that's okay you have to check with the with the Mrs deceive you gonna buy me not at all sure I can do is shown there okay that we do that we should just seeing you know maybe I should business whatever mission Tony's very aggressive I did notice some like leash marks right around the neck I just I just I was just pointing that out she let me out for an hour hi that's good that's good all right you got a report back here in ten minutes all right so here's what we're gonna do when we come back we're going to be moving into the red dress which let me finish I was gonna say into sorry it to the wreckage inspected portion of our Irish whiskey tasting but overs we're going breast hunting if you will redbreast we're going to have their lost our additional redbreast twelve the red press fifteen I never met a large breast idea love okay that's the bottom line racquets and stack it John everyone who doesn't like red glass bottom line when we come back we'll sample that it is sick I don't.

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