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Truth. It might as well be a documentary blah blah. Block your turn now. This is a really tough call. Obviously if you haven't read misery yet that's my recommended reading but that doesn't count because it's misery and Mississippi became podcast. We've already done it so instead for some good trapped in one place horror with a feminist bent I am going to recommend men the yellow wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. It's another story about a woman trapped by a literal and metaphorical act of misogyny. And it's a Damn American classic. y'All I mean I know most of us In Phoenix my generation had to read this for a school like at some point it made it into the public school like curriculum. Go back and reread it. s a good scare even heard of it. What I'm actually going to take your recommended reading? We read the awakening instead which is very different American class. Feminism so yeah so basically. It's about a woman who is diagnosed with hysteria and is given given the resting cure and has to go to a countryside place and she trusts her husband her doctor. That it's all gonna work out just fine but there's something up with the wallpaper wallpaper in the room where she's supposed to be resting it's ugly and she thinks there might be something. Moving in it often L. soundbite it is so good. I think it's time to believe it. I got there. I got forty DOT MI scooped. It read it's all right here I will start with. You can tell Phoenix where these Ground one little well known to reclaim case. From twelve years ago in Michigan that mimics Gerald's game a woman handcuffed her husband to the bed and left him there to die he. He escaped by doing a partial somersault embracing his legs against the chains which broke the seemingly. He also suicide death and a very good dog assumedly he did similarly they also call him Maurice because he speaks of the puppeteers this little prayer. Do your second one before I lose my mind so our boy stephen is in the news. This week Oh Boy yes he is even the Academy Adamy. Which is the Group of people that decides what movies when the Oscars the biggest American award show because award show in the world really And he said he would quote never considered diversity matters of art going on to say that diversity representation weren't important he later backtracked. I have no common say less. Controversial things are will stop calling Stephen. Start Calling GRANDPA Steve yet take that bestselling novel is Stephen King. Yeah yeah but also so like this always blows my mind when people say stuff like this. Because I know that he doesn't truly believe that that's true. Of course. Representation is important in art. Would we're like obviously. He's really knows this when he's missing is that no one's asking him to choose a person because they're black and not because Thurgood. He's they're asking him to recognize that he might have an inherent bias against the Actor of a diverse group of people. it is not white then and to overcome that and recognize. Who's truly best right? I'm not I'm not making that up right. No I think that's about right. Let's leave it there and say our thank. Yous thank you to Monica Jen for doing our posters. Thanks Daniel Software Social Media Competition. Thank you to Michaela Fishman for doing graphic design which appears both in our album art. And on our T. shirts thank you try mentor. Tony Mattis rally. Thank you to the Stephen and Tabitha King Foundation for all of your charitable work especially in the state of man and thank Yous Stephen and thank you Phoenix and thanks to the listenership we love. y'All we'll be back next week with a in two weeks with Doris Chris Claiborne. We're GONNA do it all in one go yet. Next week will be releasing our extended which went on the movie which I hear is quite good and Phoenix. You've already watched it. Yes many times. Yes oh I can't wait. I'm sure it's GonNa be great and I won't find it all by by.

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