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Bass starts right now from the nasdaq market site overlooking new york city's times square i'm melissa leo traders on the desk or brosseau david seabourn dan nathan and guide dom tonight on fast it is a cristo comeback bitcoin light point bitcoin cash all raging higher after hitting fresh lows over the weekend is a bit point bear market over we've got a special report plus socks getting slammed in many socalled safety getting hammered as well so where should you hide now top strategists and fast funny friends tony dwyer got some ideas we start off with that market selloff as the dow one point dropped nearly five hundred point points at the lowes before rebounding but still turning negative for the year the nasdaq led the way lower falling nearly two percent on facebook show it looks like the perfect storm is brewing for the market for big fed meeting this week with rome pao stuff rates his first time at that as we've mentioned facebook at the forefront of an attack on big tech and chaos and dc heating up with the government shutdown looming and the muller investigation to the trump administration gaining steam so is this just the beginning of a bigger selloff is the worst yet to come guy the worst you have to come to go back to last week and obviously facebook is a big story today but i'm not convinced that we will not a soft today even facebook didn't have that those headlines i'm not sure would have been out as much as we were but the thing about last week karen find him in sat there and said it was the most concerned she's been in quite some time i think it was on wednesday on thursday the lead was is this a now sell the rips mark and i think across the desk we said even pete jerian who's been extraordinarily bullish said you know what he favors so in the rips right now so my sense is the market action we got last week set us up for today so obviously facebook is the headline but i do think this more pain to the downside they're going to be opportunities and.

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