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Like one is out who are these people? What is this? But they set it up. It was there like they had a deliberate conversation about these things. And then here, they are when I think it helps to that we had the mystery in the first half of the movie, which was the forty thousand dollars, which is just basically thrown away by the second half of the movie, and then we still kind of have that mystery. That's the impetus for what salmon Lilan Arbogast are working under is a girl with forty thousand dollars. Somebody always sees a girl with forty thousand dollars. But we the audience are working on another mystery more working on who is Norman basis mother. When is she gonna get caught? Or if we've seen the movie before. For when is Norman gonna get caught? How is this going to play out what is happening here and just all of these things of their mystery finally Kolesas with our mystery once they go to the sheriff, and they start to hear about Norma's mother and how she either kill herself or was killed. I think they think that she killed herself after she killed her lover. And so they're finally hearing about mother, but they still don't know that mother was involved in this murder. They still don't think the mother was there at all. And they think that she's some old woman up in the house and can't hurt a fly as it were. So the very interesting how we're in on something completely different than those other people are just watching the mechanisms of them as they try to a Benchley find their way to the mystery that we really want to know as of you're it's easy to forget that. So when you start talking to you're right, but Arba gas is really deliver about like he's on the trail of the money in every time in obviously Marian sister wants to find Marian. And it's kinda like when Arbogast is the money the money. It's like you go. Oh, no stop. It. You got to figure out having to marry hurry up catch up to me now that scene with Martin Balsam. Anthony Perkins is just again, another masterfully done seen really kind of puts a strong point on just how clumsy John Gavin seems to be as an actor because you get that great tatoo between gently and Anthony Perkins. Then you get that great scene of Martin Balsam Anthony Perkins at any get later on the confrontation between John Gavin, Anthony Perkins, and it just doesn't play as well. As a great scene still. But John Gavin outmatched it feels like when it comes. To that. But to have those lines like Arbogast when he says doesn't gel. It's not aspect is. Just like, wow. Okay. That's nice that shot northern when he's leaning over looking at the book, and you see his throat moving and his got like the Chicken Neck just kinda working on. That candy corn is always pecking at. It's just so many nice images, so many nice lines. And just the way those two actors play off one another. It's just like again like this masterclass of acting for sure. And I don't think there's anything John Gavin's fine in this. But when there's so much other stuff going on both the actor and the character of Sam, they get kind of lost. There's too many other awesome things happening in another movie. It would probably would have been fine. Because I don't think like oh, look at this guy. He doesn't belong here. But there's so much other stuff happening in your the most your least interesting the room. John gavin. I'm sorry. I forget that you're in this movie half the time, I watch it. I like. I think it's nice the way that they are always playing those two shots of Norman on one side of the desk and the other person on.

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