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Purple numbers on the front and back of jerseys and the players name also on the back Quinnipiac with the home whites. That are trimmed in navy blue Quinnipiac across the front and the player's name on the back. Thankfully, jersey numbers provided as well. Dominic. Robb Abdulai Bundu in the center jumped circle ball in the air and Bundu wins the tip, and they Bob cats will have it. I Quinnipiac going right to left as we get started. Niagara man to man defense rich Kelley bounce pass to rig Oni couple of dribbles. Now, he's picked up the dribble finds Williams Tyree. Williams have three office screen that one. No good. Rebound tipped. And then picked up by James towns. Skip it across the Florida tape. Here's Khalif along the baseline feeds. Dominic Robb little runner in the lane. And that one is good. Dr. Rob gets the purple eagles in flight on a nice feed there by keleaf Tate and a turnover in the back court, and it will be purple eagles basketball. So dominant. Grab able to catch the pass. It was sometimes you see a big man get pants, maybe in the center of the floor where if they need to use a dribble. It could be trouble. Here's Chris Barton who will take it all the way to the bucket and lay it in Chris Barton strong in the paint four to nothing. Niagara. On that first bucket. Dominic. Robb showed pretty strong agility four nothing is Kelly with the catch in the back court picked up now by Khalif tape. Rich Kelly runs leaf into a screen into the front court. He comes Kelly into the paint dribbles backout now still being chased all over by colleague rich Kelly with a big brace on his right knee. Missed the first five games of this season. With a knee injury. Here's Williams with it. Now website right wing Kelly's going to hoist a three that.

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