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Andrade having one of those world heavyweight championships. That's how i honestly felt. And whatever respected reason we win in a different direction in split them up in all that we put in there pimple pugh garza and we saw pretty much how that ended. So now we've got andrade with dickie guerrero. Okay not too shabby. I'm all right with that. But i i dunno i dunno it look is still very very early very early and andrade as aew career still very early most curious to know just look into a crystal ball six months from now whereas dry day gonna be exactly on that card. I mean you know. Are we looking at a future. Tnt champion here would exactly. What exactly are we talking about here. So but there was a couple of spots in the match that had the crowd reacted very positive for dry day but the reaction was play a bag but from what i remember it was kinda wanted those. It wasn't a case where it was so quiet. You hear a pen drop by kind of saying there was more reaction for sidell for sure than there was for andrade so i don't know but that's just where i am on now. I'm curious what you guys you guys think about. Today's debut tonight and where you see things going with him in the next night days Six months. I'm very curious to sound off about that because i'm very interested in knowing what you guys think Tony shabani after commercial break is in the rain. Chattanooga up with our own anderson arns putting over the miami crawl talking about how good of a crowd they are and everything and they give him a little bit of appreciation. Back lights go out. Lights are all for good minute lights. Come back on. and it is alastair black the former. Wwe superstar alor star black wearing all black. Is the man in black. After all and i love love love love love. The fact alastair black is keeping up with consistency even if he was in a different universe. And what i mean by that. Is you look at his right eye. And he's got this bad ass makeup that's going on a little bit of damage in all of that that's going on paying homage. Essentially to the few that he had going on air with buddy murphy and buddy murphy kinda essentially taking out his or whatever. I love the fact that he was paying homage to that alternate universe there with the damaged..

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