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Seeing the? Wow Ricardo mortar salto. We're in. Sheila and you didn't you didn't know anything about. which was about he didn't do homer at school you school. Did you. Did. You do the classics? No. Not The classics not not Para Bane The tour of Flanders. But I'm took mealy ad and I'll never never get through James. Joyce. That's not that's not I'm not talking about not. Ulysses so telling corrupt is these sort of see monsters. One carry the wedding present album. Cilla. uncurbed this can't continue. Ciller was some kind of marine nymph was turned into a monster by Sir? Say Chair Chair Pam, the the witch. Carry de was another sort of sea monster and. Carry these on the other side of the Strait of Messina that scene, Sicily. So it's believed that that was these were the locations of Obama Selah incorrupt, this of of Greek mythological fame and we're instead win. So coming by to me. Now see monsters Hopefully, we're not going to be devoured by some evil simone stor. Album, that by the wedding present underrated. Sea Monsters they album we listened to the third of France. Francois is a big wedding President Fan Maybe. We'll treat you tomorrow, but you're talking about something else I think we're talking at cross purposes here. Anyway move you're only mainland we're all the main road. Lee. We've crossed the Strait of Messina the famous late treacherous. Strait of Messina. We braved the ferry third time I think we've been over on the ferry now we'll. With. Lonzo in the past and they still haven't built the bridge. We've covered that in the past no sign of it being built anytime soon, and then we're in with from. Sicily to collaborate on the tug of of Italy on the mainland and I mean where we are we saw drove. Ever. So slightly north and The northern tip of Sicily's just across the bay there. You feel I can almost reach across in touch is very, very close indeed, and as we drove up throw tell the light shining on Sisley was very useful indeed on the Sicilian hills. And where which the writers tackled today we we came over early am dying we had A. Inmates Today. Didn't way we've as we were on the trail of the shark shock of the straight. Before crossing the Strait we were on the trail of the shot we shot counting we were shark consent joke about big boats here but off we went in we we did Well. We'll hear. About adventure ending including the King. Later on in this episode of the Podcast, but today was. A sprint stage and but it had a big mountain in the middle. So it wasn't complication Catania to Villafranca Tirana hundred and fourth the kilometers, and as I say a nasty sting in the tail of stage before the season started, there was big news because Gary Thomas who of course, crashing each in the neutralize zone yesterday be. Done very heavily. Did he was the race? Brooklyn born in his pelvis on further examination. So that's this point for him. I think it's a blue for the races while the prize of one of the stars one of the favorites as I say as a sprint stage today. So break went right from the start at three writers, Simone Pillow of Andrew in Jakarta Marco fraport of Viennese Abu and Camel Graddick of CCC they established they were never gonna stay away with so many teams keen to bring it back for their sprints and also with the claim in the middle, we saw a scenario player some of the few stages of the Francis Year when Bora hands go in particular wanted to get rid of some pizza gowns opposition. Pure sprinters on the on the claim it was Portillo Mandra see the climb and Fernando, Gabeira, Elliott, Viviana, and Scotland's Alley Hodge. All slid I the back. That was good news for Cigar and Arnold Demar who were still up there Viviana Of Confidence. Did get back on and he did CONTESSA sprint and the end but Viviana Gaviria and hodge never got back on Tall Edge Joel Almeida the Pink Jersey who was level and time with Jonathan Caicedo got bonus seconds at the sprint after the claim they were level on time. So that gives them a little bit of daylight. There was always a danger that Saito might snatch the Jersey for him. Last night clean I am and yeah, all came into big sprint finish really very fast and into the finish and hand score very active F.. T. J. a law at the front and looked impressive in right is up there including our diarist yakult. Guarani. We'll hear from he's a arnold, the Mars lead man and he did a great job of the little gap will here two miles, Scotsman Australian writer on that team and it looked like he might have a chance to just clip off but simone concerning of confidence he is Viviana man he had chased him down. And not setup. Demar SA- gone and DVD Ballerini of decoding quickstep pretty well Saigon. Jumped first on fast he looked very impressive. Dhamar gave chase and arena Kinda came around the side and the three of them's Saigon was flanked by bothering on Demo as though by Silla uncurbed all while a likelihood there but it was you could not separate them at all and even in the photo it looked difficult separate than. The verdict was given to Damar. He was a stage. Win is eleventh win of the season after the re-start he's been prolific. The really inform writer. The story of the stage wasn't over because. Not long after finish, we saw two VIENNESE ABU writers stricken on the ground looking initially as they weren't moving. It was pretty alarming. The writers were Luca Wasserman and Ettienne van ample Wasserman was taken to hospital. He apparently has a broken cheek and no memory of writing the Jiro. So the prospects of him science more Luke pray slim indeed van I think is okay but it's pretty shocking 'em yesterday's freak accident involving Darren Thomas Today it was a helicopter knocked over the barriers low helicopters to get Lou barriers obviously not tied down properly. They blow it over into the writers as they rode past very alarming incident, very dangerous incident on a terrible price to pay for Wasserman a bit news away from the GPO today the medical tribunal into Richard Freeman, the former team sky, and British cycling doctor finally got underway after many many months of postponements and some pretty large bombshells geof there from Richard. Freeman who is finally fit to testify. He was questioned by his own QC and the the the prosecution suppose he is accused of ordering testosterone for athletes. He did admit ordering tests. The GEL says testosterone product and lying. To call these anti UK Anti doping but you said today that it was for. Shane. Southern the former head coach at British cycling. He also worked for team sky on was Bradley wiggins coach. He said it was for Sutton's personal use. Some has denied this but the other revelation and the hearing was that Freeman had destroyed. A laptop with a screwdriver he claimed because he didn't want information on it to be find well to protect medical files is what? The famous laptop that went missing no grease. The second laptop missing damaging laptop I've had well problems in my in with a laptop to 'em lot. His. Laptop. Was Stolen, Muslim holidays in Greece, this is a second laptop. Yeah. Very strange and That will continue and they'll know more from that in the coming days. The other bit of news away from the GPO Iquique Paul Kinda the women's team with Lizzie buying some other writers they've been writing extremely while they were save midseason on their expenses big link to tusha pooled I. It transpired today the keep Polka Polka. The French fashion brand hasn't been paying its sponsorship Jews. So the team is now faced with closure once again, and we'll hear from lizzy banks, who, of course, Co Service Course for the cyclic podcast later.

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