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It's not even one hundred one hundred grand, if this motherfucker is bashing out passenger windows, trying to look for loose change. You think he's got ninety five grand a put up and I know what you're only putting up what ten percent of that. And your mom's the one that does it and just his guys mom's not putting them nine thousand five hundred dollars. You don't put that up on the club dude. What a piece of shit, this guy is. Wow. Crazy. But dude shouts shouts outs. I was really surprised. I've had my car stolen before. I know you have to where it's just sort of, like, yeah. I mean, we'll, we'll get we'll try and at least get your car back, but we're I sure not chasing down, who who fucking did this sergeant Hetman? Jer this is name. I'm gonna make him drink it bro the week so injuring podcasts. This. This dude man was on it. Did he was text me at nights to as detective guy? Yeah. Okay. And he dude sergeant so. Yeah, I don't know. I don't know what I don't know. That did the prince okay. Sergeant hat injure, and dude boss doubt, even hit me up at like nine o'clock that night, which is like, hey, man. Yes. Nine twelve. So this happened in the morning, right? Yeah. Nine twelve I get a text from him. So you said what six thirty they woke you up nine twelve I got a text from him may arrest in your case. Boom nine twelve. Twelve hours later, dude homeboys making arrests saying it's amazing for the night before, here's my question. That's boss status shit there from sergeant. Somebody asked me this, too. I was like, so why didn't the alarm go off would alone in our car? I'm surprised by that, too. Is it when you smash windows, they must know something we don't because he's going down the line if one alarm goes off. He's done. It's like there must be something to breaking the window or how he did it or something, I don't know. Yeah. One would think your car loan or go off. Right. Right. If your window four like it's a brand new Tahoe for crisis and every car has. Certain eight yet. Year. And there's one there was one underneath right underneath us up broken into two that had to have had an alarm to know. But dude boss at nine twelve on a Saturday night. He sends me in Texas. Hey, and I, I don't know him and there seventeen other cars man, the fact that he did that mazing dude. Amazing again crime. Don't pay do vicodin, DO summer Swayze, like just fucking learn. But homeboy is a surfer. And again, look text you that photo. Yeah. So put that up on the show, Sean Lee club. Just put up the whole rap, she it was like ninety charges on their audience. Can see it in the video show. Detective. Singer. Good looking dude, here's the weird thing. So they roll up in a beach town. Carolina beach, a girl and three dudes all of them were attractive Guinot. And I was like, whoa, what the fuck like there's a younger guy to that? I was like that was the nude. I was talking to. Yeah. Sergeant hanjour. And I was like, dude, you can't be hot and solving crimes this fast like and the girls to know the whole team, and then not do a block later because they were were going to all the neighbors, right? Because this happened like seventy cars a block later, there was another jacked police officer and I was like, yo dude. What is in the water here felt like it was like Baywatch, but not lifeguards. Sure, sure. Hot police force. Yeah, I don't know. I don't know if there's been a hot police force thing. But whatever. Sure. Sure. As their as their japes. I don't know. I don't either NYPD blue Carolina beach PD though, brother..

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