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Projecting them to win seven more games than to go under six and a half this year. I think trevor lawrence is too good. I think this is not a roster. That's devoid of talent like they've got talent caught up on both sides of the ball. I'm not insinuating. This is like twelve point. Team got contend for afc championship certainly not contend for super bowl championship. I don't think that's going to happen here. I think the team is too good and plays in this division to go under six and a half wins. If you told me we would switch the jets and the jaguars and yuba jacksonville in the afc. East with miami new england buffalo under all day every day but in this division here with the tennessee team that i like but is flawed very flawed. I think defensively could be flawed in the run game with derrick henry like historically unlikely that continue the dominance. He's had on the ground with the colts being a team. Can that you and i think dumpster fire potential the houston texans being a team that everyone with a pulse thing says dumpster fire potential. That leads me to want to go over on the jaguars when total of six. And a half and you know. I like that. Division bet as well for the reasons outlined at plus fifty. I want to quickly touch on three receiving props here. We don't have running back props because we don't know what's gonna happen with robinson and high with e. t. n. out for the season. Dj shark eight. Seventy five and a half. Marvin jones said she wants marvin jones. Eight twenty five and a half and la viscous chenault eight hundred and a half. My favorite of these three receivers in terms of upside is chenault by a long shot. What we've seen though thus far in the preseason and training camp is that chenault is unlikely to play unless it's three wide receiver sets and then you're going to see viscous journal. I don't know if he's going to be one of the starting receivers into wide receiver sets. We don't know. Dj charge is going to be one of the starting receivers in too wide receiver sets. So i think there's too valuable best to be made here. As far as the receiving core goes with the player props. Dj under eight seventy five and a half as easy as it gets for marion reasons. Urban meyer is talk crap about chart this off season. I don't like dj shark this year under for him. You can't bet chenault overrun. I like the talent but like is going to have that role to go over. And i think he's going to run the ball a lot. Also and marvin jones with daryl babble the familiarity. They're coming over from detroit. I think he's going to be lawrence's number-one option so chuck under marvin jones over twenty five and a half gallon for some receiving props for the jaguars. Yeah no love. That hadn't heard that analysis going in the player props quite as much as you didn't know that the chart urban meyer relationship was that was that chart literally said like chart played small last year finger injury now like i. It's up to be bullish on chocolates. You're just as he walked around. Walked around the keyboard michigan outfits. Does i just really not a deer himself to coach all right. So that's the jacksonville. Jaguars two hours down two more to go on this monday. Power hour still come all our beds for tonight but two days three days continues next with the broncos and.

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