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The history of this sport has shown us. If you look at history you examine it Kennedy. It has shown us that you have when you have a rematch between two guys. who fought a great fight? The first time and they left left on the ring and one who laws was the older one by a significant amount. Or these forty. I dig waters. Thirty four And what do they didn't have a lot of amateur fights you know he started late. So he's he doesn't he's not he doesn't have a lot of miles on New York. Domino even at thirty four is very young. Thirty four will tease out a big amateur career and all that and of course even though you look at the record of wild and you see a lot of you know you see a lot of a lot of sites on that record but they were easy he fights easy fights. I mean except utilities was a tough fight but on a whole as he was being built up I mean he was he. It was like the old timers would say he was on a soft diet. He was on a soft diet. Buddy he was on Campbell soup. Diet right Campbell soup right above your ahead. That that's what that's what he was eating. He was eating a lot of Campbell soup and But listen give them all the credit in the world he got out there but the point I'm making. Is that when you go through the history of the sport the older fighter the the older one in a rematch. He's usually blown out the second time. 'cause he's not able to replicate the initial effort physically mentally especially mentally. They feel they feel like they did everything they could. Just try to understand this Canon. And I'm sure the fans will too when you got a rematch like this. It was a terrific fight and the older guy fights a tremendous fight and he has a younger guy on the brink of of beating them. But but he doesn't get it done the second time he's got nowhere to go baby. I mean physically mentally. He physically quickly left in the ring. Put Mentally. It's like. I did everything I could. I couldn't be any better and I lost. And so he's deflated and the mental part is seventy five percent of his businesses baby. Sometimes eighty percent sometimes eighty five percents sometimes ninety percent. God told you all the more. The percentage goes up so here that the history has shown us that I mean I'll give you the examples. Jersey Joe Walcott Great Jersey Joe Walcott. What a great heavyweight champ great fighter Great Punch Shaw? Pioneer used to make moves alley copied some of his moves Friend Masato even used one of his moves you know the great. UFC love seat champion When when he moved to side a little bit that game with the flying kick knocked out his opponent in five seconds He's set him up Jersey Jersey. Joe US to set guys up with the movement. He started walking. This waste on walking outweigh and then get a little mesmerized and then all of a sudden bang catch was something and Jersey Joe Wolf Card Fort as good as he could fight. Maybe the greatest fighter ever fought against Ma's Seattle Seattle a younger fighter Marciano fighting for the title the first time and Walcott's ahead going into the thirteenth round. Not In fact it was the twelve round fight he would have won. There would have been no Marciano. Yeah there would have been no more Seattle so the only undefeated heavyweight champ forty-nine and Larry Holmes came close but then somebody named Michael spinks came up and stop that from happening. So he's fighting. Joe Walcott is beating the young strong Brockton blockbuster rocky Marciano thirteen rounds. And the the only way he can lose by knockout because his head on all the score cards and what happens he gets knocked out in the thirteenth round. Ford Assayed again I want. I can't can't overstate fought fabulous. Magnificent fight couldn't find any better and in a rematch and this is significant. Because this is what I'm using for this worm used for example for proof of my theory of of what I believe this by Vulne Khorram. You look like a lawyer Ken by the way you do. You look like a lawyer. You look like a winning lawyer a lawyer lawyer. That probably gets overpaid. Oh probably gets overpaid a little bit but but still you look like a lawyer and it does haram in a courtroom. I'm trying to make my case of. I'm trying to make right now. That's exhibit because in that second fight every match what happens. I'll tell you what happens. WHOA cut gets blown over? Run over in one round he he. He couldn't replicate the effort mentally emotionally physically. And I know for fact and this one case sometimes it might be my opinion from experience in this case. I'm calling a witness. I know for fact that it's true because too late Layton racy there's one of your clients what are you they need you they need you. Can you gotta be available so at the last second anyway so the late great and he was a friend of mine nine and it was one of the great promoters of all times one of the great matchmakers of all time a magnificent ambassador to this sport and we don't have enough of them. Don Shaw going to Civil Fox. He talked to Wolcott after that. Fight and Wolcott told Don Shaw Great Don Schalken that going into a rematch. I'M GONNA I'm GonNA remember pretty much. Almost was exactly verbatim what he told me from the conversation that he had would would degrade Jersey Joel Jersey. Joe told Don Shangen Don when I went into that rematch. I knew I couldn't do anything to beat this guy and my mind and I did everything in that first one everything and he's still got me he's still got me and I just felt like like I I felt defeated and is the Great Jersey. Joe Walsh he would never say this to the press. He would never say that. There's another lesson audience. A lot of these great fighters a lot of these great people a lot of these great leaders a lot of these great whatever they are that you look up and you would mind you wish you alike doc. They've got the same doubt sue gun. They got the same little. Sometimes those bad guys on the shoulder you know tap into shoulder once in a while SPS. AP's Hey hey hey. Why don't you give in? Hey why don't you want to get out of here. They got that same stuff going on on so I think it's a great reminder to all great audience out there that even the great ones have those doubts but you'd never know it you're never gonNA know it but but now you know it so he told Don Shaw Gang. I just didn't feel I could win this fight. I didn't feel that I could do anything better. And what happens. He gets run on over in one round. And I'll give you another one because you put your glasses back on so you reminded me was still in the courtroom. I'll give you another other one. Great Alexis Aguayo. He fights one of the great fights of all time with ever prior and are great fans out. They're they're going to say Ted. Bring that up. Yeah that's remember. Prior prior was great drugs. Got Him at. I'm sorry and hurt him but he was great. He was great and always remember how great he was his will everything and he fights the Great Alexa. This is all grail or older Aguayo. Add more miles on your domina. Aguayo was several weight class champion and iron prior fights him and of my memory. Serves me correct when late. I mean you'd probably find your Robbo find it it was. I believe that was a fifteen round fight to back then and and I don't remember exactly it was twelve rounds of went to a went fourteen rounds. Whatever was doesn't matter I mean we're get the number performed finished but they fight as great fight back and forth just like what would describe it all tees and wilder moments for both it guys tremendous historic fight? And what happens prior you get to try fights one of the greatest fights he ever fought and people are gonNA say Teddy. How could you pick a losing fight? For great fighters. One of the great fights fights. It happens even laws just like Jersey. Joe might have been the greatest fighter ever fought because we was in there with any fights does great fight fight with Iran prior and prior's still beats them price still overcome some playa swamp them in a row. Arou- was was it. I'm trying to find one SEC. He's swarms in that last round late night fight tremendous fight and he stops him he knocks them out. And then what they fight a rematch. If my memory serves me was in. Miami ten thrones and a lot of people but not the experienced veterans of the sport but a lot of people say. Oh I can't wait. I can't wait but just like the movies can usually usually usually the follow up is not as good. You know. What's the word rob for? When you got the second movie it's the sequel usually the sequel? I'm so glad I got smart guys around me. I am so blessed I. The sequel is usually usually elicits the Godfather the godfather to was pretty damn good. That was that was pretty. Damn good with a young Deniro showing your young wholly-owned consistently wow that was good but other than that sequels can be disappointing same thing and rematch sometimes sometimes and especially when one guy is older and the other guy is younger and again they have rematch Aguayo and prior in Miami Abby and what happens not even close not even close. It's a mismatch. Mismatch of Brian goes right through maybe knocked out and and eight or something like that but it goes right through not near the drama of diverse. Fight the resistance. You know why he didn't have any resistance. Listen to give anymore. He got him with a Tko in the first fight. That was the first one was in Miami and eighty two Aaron Pryor by Tko Oh in the fourteenth round then in the rematch. They fought in Vegas and Aaron Pryor Got Him in the tenth round on by a full. Ko knocked him out. Yeah so I added flip flopped as far as to silence but yeah it wasn't it was a near as compare it was it was is more one sided. It was just a character that even kept them around the championship character. That kept him around for ten rounds. Put again the former champion. The Guy who was older who gave everything who's built it. All out on the canvas not able to replicated did not a lot of people say this was a grave. You know Teddy. There's a bunch of rematch is a great Micky Ward and GATTY comparable ages. Yes nothing really match the first one though not to match the first one but comparable ages and nobody nobody got destroyed. Nobody got knocked without the end. Would talk about where one guy is older. He fights his heart out. Pause it out and gets beat Pete and then comes back with the same guy who's younger than him. That's what we're talking about those guys on that able all to replicate what they did the first time so having said that because for me this is what it's all about because you do you break it down this way. I did enough right hand of Waldo against the southport. Ob against While technically has a million in flaws can he get caught again. Yeah million ways you could get caught by Ortiz. Who's a good counterpuncher? Good fighter good punch. Yeah yeah that'd be a million ways you get caught because what is sometimes even always so long and he's so tall he's so big but he still doesn't know how to use US hi consistently he's still gets off balance out of position all of that stuff all of that but at the end of the day he's got that great eraser the right right hand and I think it'd be there again. I don't see Ortiz and I'm gonNA leave myself on the line going to lay myself where people can be critical me. You know. Come after me. I'm going to say that in my theory and my way of thinking just laid out. I'M GONNA say that water gets Ortiz out of there within five rounds matter of fact I'm going to go better. I'M GONNA say get some out in one round. Yeah Yeah I'm GonNa say that he there's a chance you know. Can I sit on the fence. I'm not known for sitting on the fence. Can I have my cake and eat it too a little bit. Attorney counseling counseling. Can I have my cake and eat it too. Can I appeal to the courts that that I'd say within in five rounds but I wouldn't be shocked to get some out in one or two well to re- to emphasize your point about the younger man in the rematch rematch. Usually getting the better. The older man his and even more relevant example wilder fought Berman. Sta Vern in January of two two thousand one good beat him in a unanimous decision they rematch about eighteen months. Almost two years later called two years is in November of seventeen blasted him out of the ring in the first round almost like just destroy them and kind of a lot of the things talk about right. Exactly what you just described in an and stubborn was almost the same age. Then as as teases now same. Exact scenario where where it's the only opponent with the exception of Tyson fury that deontay wilder hasn't knocked out stubborn went the distance with them to to wildest credit he made the rematch with them. Didn't have to in blast out first round knockout. So I agree with you. The predictions brought to you by my book each again check them out at mybookie dot. Ag used a Promo Code outlets for fifty percent credit on your first deposit and Ted..

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