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That's what made it so exciting but it wasn't likely and it never did happen at least not in our case nobody ever got hurt or crashed or died or anything like that but we did piss a lot of people off routinely when we would do this and i'd say we probably did this i twenty different nights usually you have to do at night because you don't wanna be seen in at night when you're this age i'm talking like nine pm you know what i'm saying it's dark but it's not a late and routinely when we would do this like an angry ass man with slam on his brakes and take off running after we'd have to flee like a block or two away just throw them off the scent so they would never discover where johnny lived it was so much fun it was so fucking stupid as a result because i participated in this prank if this ever happens to me i'll just at the tip my cap untangled string and go on down the road cora's karma the game is the game in everybody knows if you're going to be a player in this coat can print game you you accept the risks that come with his gangster as life weird prank i i don't know if this was a widespread thing or if it was just like me and my boys did this we ended up doing it later with other friends too but johnny was like the originator so he deserves the credit and to be a part of the story but i i don't know it was just i was thinking about the other day how insane in stupid this was and i was like i gotta talk about this on the pot mike you ever heard of this i've heard of this prank i've never seen it accomplished i've sort of it's like one that i've heard rumors about when i was kid i never actually saw it happen it's understood it to be honest with you it's very i was under the impression that like you would stop the car the car would be you know damaged but this is pretty harmless it could be damaged is the thing if things go wrong what if someone was on a motorcycle see that's the kind of thing i don't have the answer to but it seems like that would be problematic it was kinda like fishing in that not everyone who drove by would get caught right so you'd have to go set it back up again because if they hit it like and it just went under the wheels and the wheels didn't catch it and pull it up into the car whatever that just run it over and keep going they would never know anything was ever there sometimes it would hit the like you know if it was a low car would hit too high up on the bumper in like slide over the top and pull the cans out from the bushes but the car wouldn't drag them things like that so there was like an element of you know having to succeed here as well but all in all just extremely silly and that's a shitty thing i did as a kid i've got a quick shitty thing i did yes we could do this you know i'm sure i could do several of these but the biggest one we would do is around october we had one friend with truck who has now a reputable local business owner i will not mention him or his establishment but we would just drive around stealing pumpkins from nice neighborhood this is so shitty really is so shitty and then like if there was a girl we liked or if there was someone who had crossed us for some reason or just randomly who we would smash ross you not just smashing like oh yeah hey that person has to pumpkins on the front porch lescoe smash them like we would pull up and smash like twenty or thirty on their front yard oh my god real bad boyz shit yeah i mean like we would still every pumpkin from tarrytown we just drive around tarrytown in the in the middle of the day that was what was more fun and just toss them the back of a truck and then at night we'd come and just smash it's just it's shit head move i'll never understand what it is about being a little kid that makes you wanna do shit like this but it's like something in your core being like you need to go experiment.

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